My Dollhouses: Fairfield, Half-Scale, Etc.

 After a while, the links get buried, so I thought I'd post here to show the dollhouses I've completed. Other assorted posts and updates can be found in the left column archives. Click any photos for full size. Other houses and projects can be found at my website page. (Scroll down at page.)

The Latest:


The Half-Scale Mansion (almost done; see links for more photos.)

The first floor is a diner. 

Second floor is the wealthy widow's apartment. (Pic -progress.)

Third floor - cook's apartment, plus a rooftop seating area.


* The Skellie Funeral Parlor

Half-Scale Witch House

Greenleaf Fairfield Dollhouse (2022-23)

The Exterior: photos and video - Porches 

First floor: Living Room/Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen

Second floor: Main Bedroom - Hall - Girl's (and boy's third floor) Bedrooms  - Plants/Hall

Third Floor: Boy's bedroom (see link above), Attic Sitting Room, Attic , *A to Z  Fairfield Attic and other posts. 

* All links on this post.


2023 Men's Shop Roombox (1" scale)

Made in a vintage wall cigar humidor


Greenleaf Van Buren (Spooky) Dollhouse (2022) - Exterior  - Outside and attic - Rooms

Annual Half Scale Swaps - 2023 - "Kitschy" - 2022 Halloween swap - 2022 Antiques - 2020 Toys and previous Plants/Garden

Greenleaf Chantilly Dollhouse (2019) - I leave this house out and decorated outside for Halloween with flickering lights inside. 


Half Scale Country House (adapted Real Good Toys Colonial House. 2010)

* All photos Exterior- Some rooms: attic, - kitchen


Former Shadowbox house rooms (I took this apart.)

Yellow Children's Playhouse  - More pix and info on kit (2017)


Yellow Victorian Mansion Dollhouse (2021) 

- Rooms - Rooms and Decor - Exterior and video


Houseworks Street of Shops

* Halloween Shoppe - More items and interior

* Record Store - Exterior (see Halloween Shoppe post)

* The Teapot Shoppe

Tudor Tea Shoppe - Tea Shoppe Exterior (& Toy Store) - Queen & Royal Family additions

* Witch's Greenhouse

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