April 20, 2008


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April 13, 2008

Miniatures of the Month: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Canadian Monica “Peaches” Lavoie has a green thumb – for miniatures.

Monica says her venture into miniatures began innocently enough… (How often have you heard that story?! Ha!)

“I started making and collecting miniatures 25 years ago,” she says. “My husband and I were bored. One weekend they advertised a miniature show and sale in Calgary. We went and the rest is history! I turned out to be a mini addict!!! Hahahahahaha!”

That’s okay, we’re glad she’s joined right in! Especially as in the past five years, Monica has been helping make the world, and miniature gardens, a little brighter with her wonderful creations like this fun floral dog! (My parents got me one of these in real life for my 21st birthday!)

Getting into Gardening

Monica began her miniature gardening after a friend taught her how to make some basic flowers using punched circles. She now owns an incredible 200 punches! She also uses laser petals now and is always on the lookout for more punch shapes. She just loves flowers!

“A bouquet of flowers or a plant bring cheer to people and look great in any decor,” she says.

Just think – even if you don’t collect miniatures, or have room for a big dollhouse, you can still enjoy fresh grown flowers – anytime. The best part? No allergies, no muss, no fuss!

Bringing nature in

Can you imagine the look on coworkers’ faces when they see your garden? Set a few pots on your desk at work.
I like the delicate look and colors of these Sweet Peas.

How about a small floral display in your kitchen? Nothing beats a whole pot full of beautiful Bearded Iris or this pretty blooming Wisteria.

Or how about my favorite for mid-summer, a pretty Peony bouquet? - Without the ants!

Even better, you can enjoy the wonderful colors of spring or summer anytime, anywhere. You can savor your favorite flowers even out of season!

For fun, Monica made a special plant in honor of Candid Canine—What else, but a Dogwood!

Oops, it seems even some miniature canines are drawn to her flowers! (I sure hope they aren’t watering them!)

Monica sells flower-making kits or just petals and leaves in 1" scale and other sizes. She takes Paypal, too. Contact her at minswxyz@telus.net or visit her Someone Once Promised Me a Rosegarden blog to see more of her creations just in time for spring and summer planting. #

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