January 26, 2015

Upcoming Margaret Grace Miniatures Book Cover!

The cover is out for the upcoming new miniatures mystery, Manhattan in Miniature: A Miniature Mystery  - Amazon.com link, by Margaret Grace (Camille Minichino) coming out April 7. (Pre-orders are open for print copies now.)  (Here's the Barnes & Noble link.)

 (You can also read an interview I did with Camille for my Author Snapshot at Mysterical-e.)

Love this series - and this one is special since I also did a blurb for it!  Really cool cover, too!

About the Book:

Perhaps Manhattan, like Christmas, is best seen through the eyes of a child. Gerry Porter provides both magical experiences for granddaughter Maddie when a SuperKrafts manager takes them to New York City for a huge crafts fair. They get to work on both making miniatures and solving crimes, the detecting duo’s favorite pastimes. All this, plus Rockefeller Center and Radio City, too! But a crafty murderer wants to make sure they don’t make it safely home again to California….

January 19, 2015

Make Something Bright and Cheery!

Spring is coming. Really. 

A perfect time to get started on something bright, cheery and fun. How about that incredible yellow sundress (by Kathi Mendenhall - La Petite Belle Patterns) from In Miniature Style II

Also read about various miniaturists and see some of their collections!  (Print and ebook - click book title link for formats to buy.)