April 30, 2019

Miniature Shows Finds: #Paris #Miniature Project 11

I don't know about you, but I love looking at what other people buy and what they find at dollhouse shows. It's great finding your own stuff, of course, but admit it, it's fun peeking, too!--Chris

So for Day 11, Gigi is sharing her latest finds. (Click photos for full view.)

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day 1 or here - Day 1  - See last entry Day 10.)
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Finds & Progress!

Happy last day of April! I'm so excited to share with you the treasures I found for my Paris Project with Chris this past weekend at the dollhouse shows!

As you can see from the picture above, I found quite a bit of beautiful items and kits, but I am the most excited on the LED lights I bought! 

All the lighting is from this very sweet lady Lisa Hicks from California who also has an online store (www.aweebitteeny.com).  

As you can see from the far left, there is a silver chandelier with white “candle” lights with two matching scone wall lights which will go in the second story living room. Next to them near the front are two black and white lights for the outside of the shop. On the right side of the chair is one gold swivel light that I can set on a store shelf or counter to accent an item.  Moving to the right is another beautiful silver chandelier that will go in the bedroom. Finally, all the way to the right is a light with three golden globes that also goes in the store. There are two matching smaller ones that are not shown that I need to adjust (which I got for a cheaper price). 

The adorable table with two chairs is also from Lisa Hicks.  Finally, there is a silver desk light next to the blue vases. I will be most definitely ordering some more items… like the outside street lamps on her site…. Oh, my how cute, you should check it out on her site!

As you may have noticed I bought more kits from www.artofmini.com which is a German vendor who also has an online store. I have shown some finished kits from her in the Day 6 blog. I'm especially excited about the store counter in the box on the right side. There was a finished one on display and it is so perfect for the store! As I finish these kits, I 'll be taking pictures and share them with you! 

The raw wood shelving with the mirror behind it I also got from Lisa Hicks and I am thinking of putting this on top of the counter… I have lots of ideas swirling in my head.
I also got some box kits, maps and other paper products from Looking Glass Miniatures.  Other items I bought from various vendors are a white arm chair, a Paris pillow, gold ornate picture frames, two different blue glass vases, a silver radiator, gold serving platters, and a realistic skull.  Yes, a skull for the shop… You'll  just have to wait and see what I plan on doing with that one.

I did find some other items, but they are for other projects. Chris and I had so much fun!  Please visit her blog on our visit.  There were many items that are quite exquisite, but oh my… the prices.  There was one glass vase, very detailed that had price tag of $1,450 US…needless to say, I quickly stepped back not to even remotely touch the table…yikes! My entire Paris Project will not be that much!  The one show, although Chris and I found some of favorite vendors, was mostly for the collectors.

I did get the wallpaper cut out for all three floors. (That looks good!--Chris
 I can glue the wallpaper on the walls for the second floor (see middle wall in picture). I have to paint the door and inside window frames for the first floor (far left in picture). The wallpaper for the third floor (far right in picture) has to wait as I have to glue the extension to make the roof flat (original angled in kit) and I also have to paint the inside trim of the door/windows. I hope to accomplish this list this week, but I have a paper to do for my online graduate class, two full days of substituting at my son’s school and a state band competition to go to on Saturday for my son and his wind ensemble group. “Real life” is sneaking in on me… LOL

So, that's it for now. Until next time... Happy Creating!

April 28, 2019

Miniature Shows and Finds!

My friend Gigi and I went to two of the miniature shows held this weekend in Schaumburg, Ill., The Miniature Show and The Three Blind Mice Show. We went on Friday and managed to beat the snow (which btw was way overblown, only got an inch or so and it's already melted.) We were pretty tired by the end so we didn't go back on Saturday to see the Bishop International Show. Maybe next time.

Didn't take as many photos but here's a few of the "interesting" finds for you to guess the price at that we saw at The Miniature Show. They had some nice items, a lot of expensive items, but we found a few dealers we found really neat kits at. I'm sure Gigi will be sharing the unique hand-made LED lights she found for her Paris Miniature Project. (If you haven't seen the progress, click the Paris picture in the left column.)

First the Annual Guess the Price Game: (Answers will be at the end.)

One of several shelves with gorgeous, hand-blown crystal. Really sparkled but... ahem....  costly.

Very nice furred Reindeer...

Hand-turned ivory and wood urns

A mini cabinet house

Hand-knit doll clothing and dolls.

Also a few of my finds at The Miniature Show:

I most often look for different kits as I enjoy building things myself. Otherwise I usually buy only a few tidbits and small furnishings, that's about it.

I love the half scale kits from sdk miniatures from Pennsylvania. Nice quality flowers and furniture. I really like the style of her Gothic line that I'll use in my haunted house. I have the single bookcases and had to add the double sided bookcase, which is really neat looking.  I also like the look of Hollyhocks in a garden. I also got the Gothic table, a second one as the first one is being decorated as a cobwebbed Miss Havisham table.

I was thrilled to find these vintage style kits (hat boxes, top hat and shipping box set) from Looking Glass Miniature from Canada. Really reasonable and nice to find different types of kits! I like the shipping box set and want to put that in the eventual Attic roombox I will be making. A nice touch is the hats when done will fit in the two boxes I made up.

These were cool, too. I like the kits from Art of Mini from Germany. I got these two suitcase kits and a sheet kit of vintage scrapbooks.

At the Three Blind Mice show, I also got a half-scale craftsman plant stand kit and a real nice Craftsman Library Table kit, both oak for half price from TMC, Teresa's Miniature Creations. I also got a mid-size Mayberry Street room box for $10 from another dealer as it has a slight scratch on the top of the acrylic. Barely visible, so a great find!

Did you guess the prices?

From top to bottom:
Crystal vases and items ranged in price from $275 to $445 each. (Jim Irish crystal)
Reindeer, $495 each
Ivory - $995 each; Wood, $165 each
Mini house (I think this was the photo of the one I was amazed at) for.... $6,900
Clothing - left bottom outfit, $237, right side outfit, bottom, $197

There were others, too, but these caught my eye.  No, I didn't buy any. Maybe next time... haa!

April 26, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 10: A Cut Above!

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day 1 or here - Day 1  - See last entry Day 9.)
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Yes, Progress!!

By Gigi Nephew

Hello everyone! I'm so excited as it’s Miniature Show weekend with my dear friend Chris!!!!!!  I can’t wait to see what treasures I can find.

Needless to say, I will be focusing on items for the Paris Project, but then again if I see an item for another project… you other miniaturists get the idea. (Can't wait!! This is our annual day-long event. Always a good time!--Chris)

I got my darling hubby to do some cutting. Top photo: The openings for the second floor windows and door are cut, and the third floor window fillers are done, too! The only cutting left is the opening between the second floor and the third floor for the stairs.  (Nice job!!!--Chris)

The roof for the third floor is also cut out. There is a ledge about 1¼ inches all around.  I will be using the ledge for plants and other things. (Looking good!--Chris)

I plan on starting the wallpapering next week, all three floors! My vision for the Paris building is becoming reality!

Until next time… Happy Creating!

(PS, yes, I'll be posting photos from what we find and see at the shows!--Chris)

April 22, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 9: A Miniature Treat & Inspiration

Today is Day 9 of the Paris Miniature Project!

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. (Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 8.)

The Town
By Gigi Nephew

As I promised, today’s focus is on my late Mom’s miniature creation. We spent countless hours working on miniature creations, often surprising each other with what each of us did when I came to visit. My mother’s imagination and techniques were incredible. I found out much later it was my Dad who did the electric wiring, so it was truly a family hobby. (Click photos for larger view.)

She started with a farm house, then came the barn (animals on ground floor and a she-cave on the second floor), machine shed, chicken coop, the creek, the train tracks and the blue building, which consists of a grocer on the first floor. It is accessible by the outside stairs to the post office and floor shop. 

 On the top floor is an ice cream and pastry shop complete with roof top eating. She also got a big house to be a bed and breakfast, which unfortunately didn't get completed on the inside. 

There is also a Veteran’s Memorial Park, a carousel, and the train station. Plans were made for another building which was built, but not finished, which is the Christmas store on the ground level, a bar, and the apartment where the crabby bar owner lives. There are countless other sites to see, too.

Someday the entire town will be moved to my house and what a task that will be, but the memories in these creations are priceless.  Every time I go to my Dad’s I go into the basement and lose myself for a while in the town.It feels like I am closer to my Mom.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the mini tour. This weekend Chris and I will be going to the miniature shows!  What a great way to spend time with my “mini” friend, chatting, looking, eating, buying, chatting, planning…

(She forgot buying!! Yes, I'll show some of the treasures we found and some miniatures we saw on display!--Chris)

--Post office and News Stand 

-- (Being a writer and reporter, this is my favorite scene! Gigi's mom's work continues to inspire as I want to make a news stand like this! Love the piles of papers!--Chris)

So, until the next time… Happy Creating!

April 19, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 8: Thoughts of Notre Dame

We're a bit behind this week and Gigi was going out of town so today's post is short.

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest.  (Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 7.)

With everyone's mind is on the tragic burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, it seemed fitting to include the classic architecture in today's post. (Photo: Pixabay.com)

Today is also Good Friday, so it's poignant to see that the historic crown of thorns relic was rescued from the Notre Dame fire.

I had a chance to see the historical church when I was young, and it felt like I was there as I watched the event unfold. The sad news has left its mark on many Parisians hearts. I will somehow incorporate this tragic event in my Parisian building. 

As for miniatures, I found a fireplace that needs a little makeover, but hopefully I will be able to include it in either the second or third floor. And... PROGRESS! (Hey, it's the little steps!) Also, the “glass” roof has been painted black, so now I can start working on the that component as well.

On Tuesday, get ready for a TREAT! I will share a few photos and a story on my late Mom’s miniature creations. Here's a tiny preview. haa! 

 (Wait until you see this! Her mother had a full town and it's amazing!--Chris)

Until then… Happy Creating!--Gigi

April 12, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project Lucky 7, More Progress!

Welcome to Day 7 of the Paris Miniature Project. Yes, we made it this far!!

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 6.)

More Progress!

It’s Friday and a little bit of progress has been made.  The holes for the second floor (which is being made from scratch) are measured and drawn to fit the two window and the side door. This was actually a bit of a task as the windows have shutters and there is not a whole lot of space as I wanted two windows as opposed to one big window. Hopefully next week I can share pictures. 
Also, the store section has been taken apart (from being taped together) and outlined as I will be wallpapering next week!

Speaking of the store, I am looking through my mini stash and gathered some items for the shop, (one or two items may end up on the other floors). I came across some neat clocks, too, so I may end up incorporating those into the shop as well.
 (Ooh, those are neat clocks and I love that trunk!--Chris) 

Come back and visit next Tuesday as I share my progress. --Gigi
 Until then… Happy Creating!

April 11, 2019

Progress on Haunted Half Scale House, the gardens

Still working on the "Slightly" Haunted Half Scale House. I have to add trim yet and the porch posts. I also have to repaint the roof and add edging. 

The roof is taking some time as I decided to try corrugated paper for a different look. It'll be painted black. Just not fun measuring and fitting the pieces since the house was pre-assembled. I sure would do a lot of the decorating before assembling a house this size!

But I did get the weird "Punny" garden beds made. These were fun! I may do a couple more. I decided to make beds so I can move them if needed. The statue of Pan is removable as well.

The brick is glued to a mat board base. I coat the bricks with matte Mod Podge first to keep the surface clean, then grout them. They can then be wiped off. The grass is glued to a painted piece of Crayola Model Magic air-dry clay. I added separate small balls painted black and covered with railway dirt for the plant bases.

I'm amazed I still could find these plants as I got them in a half scale group swap... like 10 years ago! I'll let you guess what the plants are. 

April 09, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 6: Planning the Decor

 The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 5.)

Wow, we're on the sixth day already! The fun continues...

A Better Idea: Planning the Decor
By Gigi Nephew

Phew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks filled with seeing and holding a new baby, having fun on spring break with my family, and even watching the movie “Dumbo” with my friend Chris (by the way, it’s an awesome movie and we are both now looking for a mini Dumbo). (Yes, loved it!!--Chris)

So, back to the project…  It’s been a while since I last provided an update. I have done quite a bit of additional research on exactly how I envision the interior rooms and it’s slowly coming together which I will reveal much later when I finally translate the visions into pictures for you.

 I have also contemplated the stairs which I originally thought would be a spiral staircase.  However, I came across a tiny Parisian apartment (for rent) that had the cutest narrow stairs and would be a perfect fit to have a small kitchen underneath. So, first change from the original design is following the idea of this space under the stairs. (See photos 4 and 5, click Photos link on page here.)


The second design change is to close the two windows on the outside walls of the Serendipity Shed kit thus giving more wall space. Enough light will flood the room from the front windows and French doors and the soon-to-be “glass” roof. So, with these two design changes it’s time to engage dear hubby to cut holes for the floor and close some windows.

The picture shows the ladder type stairs that I will use. I also completed a few kits.  The two Paris suitcases (one beige and one in black), the letter holder with working drawers (between the suitcases), and the clock are kits from www.artofmini.com.  The one bottle wine box is from www.grapevineminiatures.net.The little shelving unit I bought at a miniature show which I will be incorporating into one of the three floors. 

I also started working on a drop-leaf dining table kit from Jane Harrop (www.janeharrop.co.uk).  As the Parisian apartments are small, this table will work perfect as the leaves will extend to make a perfect space for a romantic dinner. (She really has some nice kits!--Chris)

So, why Paris you might ask, besides the obvious being the beautiful city of love.  When I first took French in 7th grade, I fell in love with the language and then the love for Paris developed thereafter. Shortly thereafter my mother and I had a chance to go to Paris for the weekend with a bus tour while were visiting my grandmother in southern Germany. I fell head over heels in love with the city…from the beautiful Eiffel Tower, to the smell of fresh bread, and to the garbage being swept off the street in the early hours...LOL.  Someday I will travel back to Paris and spend at least a week or two just allowing my senses to take it all in.

That's it so far. What do you think?

* Oh, and you know how it is with cats and dollhouses. My "helper" Tasha has last say on the decorating. ha! See you on Friday!

April 05, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 5: Decisions, Decisions

The planning continues for the Paris Miniature Project which is my friend Gigi Nephew's Serendipity Shed renovation for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest. 
(Click photo in left column to go to Day one to follow the blog series or here -Day 1  - See last entry Day 4.)

Decision-Making 101

Today was a decision-making day. The question: which shutters to use with the long windows that will be in the front?

You know how it is when you have several items to try out to see how they look and fit. It has to "speak" to you. It has to feel and look right.

So it went here.

Here are Gigi's shutter choices: the shorter shutters on left or the white pair. What do you think?

They looked okay, but still not-quite-right. They were both too short and rather plain.

Then - Eureka! Gigi said she looked through her own stash, along with some of the stuff she'd inherited from her mother - and she found it!

Here were a few small pieces of decorative trim, probably cut for something else. It definitely added something to the shutter design, and filled in those spaces.  It adds a kind of European flair, doesn't it?

The moral: As we all know: never throw anything away. And look in that stash or scraps box. You never know what you'll find.

Be sure to stop by again. There's a whole lotta cuttin' going on! Coming: stairs and more. See you Tuesday!

April 01, 2019

#Miniature #Paris Project 4 - What goes inside?

Welcome to Day 4 of the Miniature Paris Project! 
(Click photo in left column to go to day one.)

A little behind here as Gigi went out of town. But here are a couple pix in the meantime:

The rooftop being built: (Roof kit from AlphaStamps.com

Some potential decorating items. Kits are from ArtofMini.com. Be sure to come back on Friday for more details!

plan on having regular updates, but at times real life will interfere, of course. The plan is for updates here every Tuesday and shorter ones on Fridays to ensure I keep on track to complete this Paris Project to submit by December 16th for the HBS 2019 Creatin’ Contest.  The deadline seems far away, but time goes quickly. (Quicker than you think!) 

* Go to: Day 1  - Day 5