April 11, 2019

Progress on Haunted Half Scale House, the gardens

Still working on the "Slightly" Haunted Half Scale House. I have to add trim yet and the porch posts. I also have to repaint the roof and add edging. 

The roof is taking some time as I decided to try corrugated paper for a different look. It'll be painted black. Just not fun measuring and fitting the pieces since the house was pre-assembled. I sure would do a lot of the decorating before assembling a house this size!

But I did get the weird "Punny" garden beds made. These were fun! I may do a couple more. I decided to make beds so I can move them if needed. The statue of Pan is removable as well.

The brick is glued to a mat board base. I coat the bricks with matte Mod Podge first to keep the surface clean, then grout them. They can then be wiped off. The grass is glued to a painted piece of Crayola Model Magic air-dry clay. I added separate small balls painted black and covered with railway dirt for the plant bases.

I'm amazed I still could find these plants as I got them in a half scale group swap... like 10 years ago! I'll let you guess what the plants are.