June 18, 2014

Cookie Ziemba Miniatures Auction

  Collector Cookie Ziemba is having her vast and beautiful collection of collectible miniatures auctioned by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago. The auction, "Miniatures from the Collection of Cookie Ziemba and the Estate of Eunice Gold" will also be online live at 12 pm (Central), Weds., July 23. 

You can view the collection online or see the incredible catalogue here.  The catalogue can also be downloaded in pdf format.

June 17, 2014

Profile in new AIM Miniatures Magazine Issue 51

Besides some fantastic pix and great projects, the new issue 51 of the AIM (Artisans in Miniature) Magazine features a new profile of me in combining my writing and miniatures. (page 58) Download pdf or read online HERE.

June 16, 2014

Miniatures Monday Garage Sale Finds

Summer is great as I find all kinds of things at garage sales and church rummage sales for a few bucks.

Some finds this week: (so far!)

Boyd's Mini Bears, 3 1/2 inches high

This little tree is kind of cute, made of glittery garland it looks like. It's in a dome and is 6 1/2 inches high.-- and it was only $1!

June 13, 2014

Mini Half Scale Update - Books!

I think mat board is the greatest thing ever invented (well, maybe after the internet. ha!)

It's great stuff that cuts easily with a razor blade so anyone can make things. I've made small furniture out of it as it's sturdy and cheap. I was lucky to get a whole box of small pieces at a yard sale a while back.

I just made a pile of books with mat board inserts. Made it easy to fill them since you don't have to cut paper or card inside. Just paint the edges and voila! Done. I want to make some antique-looking books next. After all, all houses - even dollhouses - need lots of books!!!

* And what are you working on on this "lucky" day?

June 09, 2014

Half Scale Dollhouse Update - It's Curtains!

* Latest update on the Half Scale Country House - 

Curtains are in!

Today's lesson learned - had to move the light I had positioned on the center ceiling in too close to the doorway when I realized it should be hanging over the staircase. 

Bedroom-sitting room curtains - I wanted an old-fashioned kind of print and like this even if it's slightly larger. I decided to do a flat cloth top trim.

Living room - I really like how these came out as the print has a 40s-50s feel to me.  I added little gold beads on the ends of toothpics for decoration.
(I have to trim the door yet.)

 (See  house Trimmed -  Lights -  First pix/pantry/hutch)