April 01, 2024

April No Fool's Day, A to Z Blog Challenge 24

#AtoZChallenge 2024 badge A  It's April Fool's Day, but I'll say it's No Fool's Day! 

I decided to sign up for the annual A to Z Blog Challenge. (* Click photos for full size; see more posts in left column archives.) If not, today will be the letter A. * Posts are daily except weekends. I may double up on some days. All links go live the day of the post.*

My theme, of course, is miniatures and dollhouses. But I may throw in an occasional post on a book or movie I enjoyed. Some posts may be older projects I'll share buried in my website as then they'll be saved if I ever move or delete that site.

I'll try to include new photos but some may focus on projects I've recently completed which are always fun to look at again, and will be new to new visitors. So I hope you enjoy them! I'd appreciate comments, too, if you can, as it's nice to hear what people think.

* So today is A for dollhouse ATTICS. See below. * 

NOTE: This post will also serve as the main list for my blog in case you miss a letter.  Some of these themes below may change before the post goes live. Posts are live on the day of.

April 1, Today: Monday: A - Attics   B- Bedrooms    C - Cigar Humidor   D -- Dollhouses   

 4/5, Fri: E - Everything at the Show

 4/8: Mon. -  F - Fairfield dollhouse  4/9 Tues; G - What'd I get at the shows?  

4/10 Weds. - Thurs. 4/11  H-I - Have-to-see Items at the Shows! Displays and more.

 4/12 Fri: J-K - Just a new Kit    4/15-16  Mon.-Tues: L - M: Love my HS Mansion 

4/17-18: Weds/Thurs:  N-O - Noncorporeal Fiction                 4/19   Fri.: P -  Half Scale SwaP

4/22 Mon. Q-R-S -  Quite a Job- Putting the Mansion Rooms Back Together  - Part 1

4/23 Tues: The Mansion Rooms, part 2

4/24-25 -Weds: U-V -   Update: the "tiny house" kit

4/29 Mon. W -  Writing: One Hit Wonders  X-Y-Z: 


One of the dollhouse attics - Before: 

I love including an attic in a house as that place to stash things you don't know what to do with, or just hide things. It's fun to just pile it in! Yeah, this is a bit empty... This was fun as it was the first attic I decided on. I loved the brick walls and the contrast with the ceiling beams and the wood floor...

Above is an early pic of the attic in my half-scale (1/24th scale) yellow Victorian dollhouse. The final attic below is a bit fuller than this. ha!

The Attic  - After: 

I've done attics in some other houses, too: Here are more photos of the attics in my Fairfield and Van Buren houses.

I really liked adding in a storage attic, sleeping/studying space and even a bathroom in the Fairfield House's attic section: (See Fairfield page for other photos. * See other house links.

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