November 09, 2020

Unexpected Creepy #Miniature Project Idea


Ideas can be found in the strangest places, or be inspired by certain things.

Latest Goodwill trip had hubby find this - which of course, couldn't be passed up. 

I've got an interesting idea for this one. Now I know why I keep buying and saving all those Skellies every year at Halloween, before they quit making them....

Interesting is that it also talks when the lid opens. ha! (It's a quit smoking gag, I guess, so several sayings about that. Ashes to ashes, etc. ) And the Skellie lady will fit better once I do some, er, "embalming" work on her...heh-heh.

Project #1001. ha! Or something like that. Btw, the Halloween shop and record store are - finally - about done! Photos coming soon! I was trying to figure what to work on next, so this may be one of them. Yes, I seem to do several projects at once. (Why it takes so long to finish one, I guess.)

November 02, 2020

#Halloween #Miniatures!

 Well, yes, I'm still working on the Halloween mini book project, so bear with me, please.

Thank you all again for visiting Halloween in Miniature! (If you missed it, click the skeleton in left column.)

****Prize Winners: J Root - an e-book when I get it done; it might be a bit. R Jensen - a fence and scary faces. Thanks for playing along and visiting the blog!

Otherwise, yes, I've been doing minis - I'm still in a HALLOWEEN mood!!

A few pix while I'm finishing things... 

I was positively thrilled to see this cute metal and resin (?) sign on FB and knew if I didn't get it for the outside of the Halloween shop I'd kick myself big time!! Isn't it adorable???? (I'll get a better pic later, but the bottom reads Novelties.) It's by VT Alsen of Tonya's Miniatures on FB. She's also starting an Etsy shop soon.)

She also has these incredibly teensy bottles for half scale which I couldn't pass up for the HS haunted house... 

What else? Here are a few progress shots from the Halloween Shop. More pix will be coming soon! The lights are in, too.

So far... here's the outside of the Halloween Shop. It's in the larger of the Houseworks' Street of Shops set. Yes, it's a lot of #$%^ painting and touching up! The sections are backed with scrapbook paper.

For a change and color, I used dimensional stickers on the outside. I'm so glad I found these stickers at a garage sale or Goodwill or something. No luck finding anything similar this year. Just as - gasp - I didn't see any of the moving - lenticular mini pictures which I love! No wonder we turn into hoarders!! 

I feather-paint my columns. TIP: Use a real feather (I find them outside) and lightly dip in your paint. Make light lines on the wood. Seal with Mod Podge or light water-based varnish.

Inside: I'm in love with how the curtains came out! I'll have a how to coming up soon! The wall inserts are scrapbook paper. (Oops ignore my missed spot on the door. I fixed that!)

Here's the door and part of the curtains since I finished the outside. The curtains are double-faced, different patterns on each side. The other side of the curtains showing outside is a lighter orange swirl pattern  as seen partly here. And the wreath came out great, too, thanks to that feathery trim. It 's hard to tell, but it has punched out leaves, a couple punched out cats and colored bones and a skull from a dollar store necklace. There's a fabric triangle valance hanging the door on the inside.

Making witch hats also. Here's one style:

Teapot cabinet for inside the store. Teapots are by my friend Kitty.

Potion cabinet. The wood shelf is a box insert that I painted and added scrapbook paper. The pillow is by my friend Gigi.

Another bookshelf I'm going to paint and fill. Some books with "bookends."

Stay tuned. More to come!