June 24, 2016

New Half Scale Dollhouse Shed Kit!

Shellie from MiniEtchers (my fave new shop btw!)  has a new kit coming out!

I asked about a half scale lean-to shed kit and she made one up! I tested it out and wanted to report it goes together great, and turns out really well!  I added some touches like the strips inside over the plastic windows (bought a package of Shrinky Dink plastic sheets) that I put in. I also added posts in the back since I built it with the sides butted to the outer front edges instead of to the inner back. (Yes, making more work for myself, as is always the case, of course! ha!)  The kit is about 5 3/4" wide, 5 1/4" deep and about 5  1/4" high at the back tallest point.

Fun little kit. I'm going to make a bench and add flower pots yet. Will share more pix as I progress...  (I may change the doorknob... couldn't find the half scale size knobs...) Don't you love the yellow door? 

 (And... just got the 1/24th artist set pieces, too... Maybe the owner will do some painting and planting out here....) 

(I also have a bunch of her other kits like the Cottage Kitchen and beach pieces I'm saving for the Half Scale Beach cottage... see link about that. Be sure to check out her cool kitchen pieces and the Eastlake furniture set. Very different!) 

June 20, 2016

Wow! #1 in Dollhouse Books!!

Dollhouse Decor & More is #1!!! 


Get it on Kindle - Print/Softcover 

How cool is that???? 

June 15, 2016

Half Scale Miniature Dollhouse Bed

Something in the works...

I'd made a set like this a while ago in 1" scale so I wanted to try making one in half - 1/24 scale for my Half Scale haunted house. (In the planning; I've been making/saving stuff a while for it.) The bed itself is cut from picture framing mat board.

So far... not much yet, but stay tuned... 

June 13, 2016

New Dollhouse Miniatures Book Out!

Get your copy now! It will be up soon on Amazon and in ebook.

62 projects and tutorials! See details here.