February 23, 2021

Tiny is In! #Miniature toys

 I'm Baaaaak!


Okay, I've been busy. The record store is finished; photos will be coming soon. I just have this paint spot on one wall that I've been trying to fix and match... You know how it is, the glaring goof that will bug you forever....

The Half Scale Victorian House is still in progress. Making good progress, I'd say. Had to make a couple other design adjustments, things we didn't notice when we started the house oh, 15+ or so, years ago. But the bedroom is being papered; had to add a hall with a fake door I'm working on to go to the attic since I didn't want to add other stairs. A couple things to do before the second floor ceiling goes in. Have to do curtains first as it's super hard to reach in this house as stuff is tiny! More photos and updates will be coming... Just had an idea that somehow I want to add a rooftop deck. haa!

Speaking of tiny...  Did ya Know? Tiny is in.

There are all kinds of tiny - mini food brands and packaging out now - the LOL brand, Mini Brands, Toy Mini Brands and the funny Wacky Packages in mini package form, to name a few. Remember the stickers from (ahem) decades ago? I may have to get one pack just for fun...

The Mini Brands foods are cute, but they're more Barbie (1/6th scale) size... But I've been  seeing and hearing about the Toy Mini Brands and I've looked - Walmart is always out; Meier was out. Every time I looked no one had them. I've only seen the Crayon box sample on display and saw a mini boxed Dora doll photo... Then someone said Target has them.

Success! I finally found quite a few at Target!  And I have to say - they are cute!!! I don't need another project, but small, quick ones are always good. So... I have a small empty display box that I'll have to set up as a toy store! I'm thrilled that I only got one double toy in the three balls I bought, no big deal since they can go on a shelf together. But looking at the chart, I'd say I got the best ones. There's a tiny shopping cart that would be a nice addition, though.

The neat thing is that while printie doll boxes are nice, these have actual figures in them! They come 5 to a ball - here's what I got. I may get another at some point, but I'm happy with the ones I got so far. (Click photos to see full size.)

That's the way it is... something always prompts another project. haaa!  But I've enjoyed filling small display boxes like the Raggedy room (see photos here) and the small Halloween display I did ---  Update: (I  knew I had a photo up, see A to Z Blogging: T and U post for the Halloween box pic.).

 While a small display box can be just as much work sometimes, it is quicker than a full size roombox. I've also been looking at my cigar box sitting there waiting to be finished. I have about everything sitting in there for the planned men's shop, just have to wallpaper and work on it! 

Stay tuned for more details!