August 19, 2016

HS Mini Garage - Fair Winner!

I took the Half Scale Garage to the County Fair here in Wisc., It almost didn't make it in since I came back and someone had opened the door and pulled out the hinges! Luckily someone had glue to fix it., (That E6000 is good stuff! Going to use that instead of Quik Grip from now on!)

Anyway, they let the judge know what happened, but he still loved the building, even showing the other lady how the inside was finished too.

And it got not only first place, but the Grand Champion!   Haven't gotten one of these in a looooong time! The Dogcatcher's House got one, that has to be at least 10 years ago!  Here are a couple photos. I'll be putting up a page on the website when I get a chance. 

August 13, 2016

Half Scale Minis

A couple things I've been working on. 

You remember the half scale greenhouse?  I finally finished the inside. I made the work table. The metal Mattel Littles table and chairs went perfect with the color scheme. The outside bench and tree are from past half scale (yahoo group) swaps. I may add some mo re decorations to the outside yet. It needs a door mat and a wreath or something. And I might add some art to the bench back.

The  bed is an original from my own design. The 'curtains' are gold pleated material. 

The table and chairs are my design also. I'm not crazy about the cloth so I'll have to adjust the bottom table size more. The chairs have bows in the back.