May 03, 2021

Half Scale #Dollhouse Update 5 - Ta-Dah!


Ta-Dah!!! Not completely done, but - the roof is finished. (That's 3 1/2 bags @400 shingles plus a few extra - over 1,200+ shingles!) Not counting the front shingles, of course. Trim  added on tower edges.  Yay!!! (click photos for full size.) The front board is glued on the bottom for the patio and gardens. The house is 24 1/2" wide and 18" h, not including the chimney.

Keep in mind, the green shutters go on front yet, along with window boxes and some fencing on the top deck edges. I know, it's colorful, maybe a little busy, but I like color and didn't want a plain Jane house! I'm also going to do some touch-ups yet on the roof with brown paint where the stain didn't take right. (The little sun and the metallic strip are metal-look stickers from the Dollar Tree.  There's another one next to the deck door.) I forgot to add a wreath on the deck door, too, and I'll have some hanging flowers, also. 

Happy how the chimney came out. That didn't take long once h
ubby, construction manager/builder, got the big, real-life saw out to cut the angle. 

Then there's the back trim to glue on all the wall edges yet and a couple inside trim pieces I missed. So, it's almost done! The front yard, I'm thinking of doing a flat sheet of patio brick once I paint it, with some bushes, we'll have a few pole lights and some seasonal flower beds that I can change out. Decided not to do a full porch but we'll add a couple steps and maybe a small railing on each side.

Hard to believe when I look back, how far we've gotten on the Half Scale Dollhouse since this first post from January.  (You can see the last post here or check other posts in the archive in the left column.)

So far... the kitchen.  I found this piece of white bumpy paper that'll work well for the front of the pieces under the frames. Then I have to paint the teensy pieces for the knobs and handles, and marble the top counters. 

So, that's it for now! Thanks again for stopping by! I have quite a few kits to make yet, so working on that, too. 

The fun of this project is trying to come up with things that are different.

The den's bookshelves are turning out pretty cool! Made a window seat to go between them. Always wanted to do that! So far... have to add some games and more albums, etc. I'll add more bookshelves in other rooms. I get tired of making books, but I like how they loiok!

Sorry for the crooked pic. The mailbox I got in a past Half Scale group swap was a great touch. (Have to add some numbers on the top yet, and a wreath on the door!) 

That's it for now. Thanks again for stopping by! Stay tuned for more updates!