April 26, 2021

Half Scale #Dollhouse Update 4 Shingles!


The latest - some "small" updates! Shingles! (Not the kind on TV!)  (Click photos for full size. Find recent posts in archive in left column.) ** On the last few rows on the back side now. Almost done!!!

Yeah, never, say never. Ha! I wanted the asphalt shingles but the construction guy chose the wood. He's doing the shingling, so this is where we're at so far. Mixing the styles (and hoping we have enough!) Nearly used one bag (400 shingles) of square ones so far.

You see a peek of the trim in the photo above, so here's a look at the windows with the top trim. I'll be adding light green/sage shutters on the front windows yet. Have to add thin gold trim on the tower yet but no shutters. I like how they turned out so far. They're painted a pine green with gold over it.

Nothing too exciting here yet, but at least the sink counters are in progress. We cut the right angled part slightly shorter so I can fit it by the window though my windows and curtains are kind of long. But have to make it fit.

Here's the office/den wall cabinet so far. A few books and binders, and probably some newspapers, to add yet on the top shelf. The painted charms made nice bookends. And I found a tiny metal camera that I painted. Just have to add a tray and some piles of photos! Even found that metal paddleboat at the last minute, which fit the theme! I'm still debating - I'm not too keen on the plain doors so I may find some tiny travel images to put there yet. Not sure. I do have some postcard images that could work. 

That's it for the moment! Getting there... thanks for stopping by again!