December 28, 2018

The Year in Miniature 2018

I always like to sum up what I've made for the year. Sometimes you think you haven't gotten much done until you look at the photos. And I realized looking at the calendar, I better hurry up and plan this!  (Click photos for full size.) And I'd love to see what you made, so feel free to share your blogs or websites in the comments! (Not you spammers!) 

(The problem is remembering... I'm sure I made things early in the year, too, but I'll list this starting in summer!)

The MiniDoll list chose this fantastic illustration as a theme. I had to do this in a book box. Eventually I will make and add the doll. It also got a first place at the county fair in August.

I also made these mini plants and was surprised to get a reserve grand champion at the county fair.

This is my goofy entry for the fair in their special contest. The theme was Baa Baa Black Sheep. It got second place.


I love making Halloween items, and not just in October! Of course I had to make a spooky table!

Had fun making more books and these bookends.

Also made these flowers.

I also finished decorating this Halloween cottage and painted the Lemax fence to age it.

Loved making the interior real colorful and patterned. The edges were painted black after this. The top floor has bright orange walls.

I didn't make him, but I just love this Skellie dog I found at JoAnn's. He goes with the Haunted Porch. 

I love these mini zombie gnomes from Lemax. Made these little garden settings with them. The stones are florescent and actually glow a bright green in the dark!

 Also made a non-spooky sewing table. Fun adding things for this. There was a pair of scissors and spools of thread added after this picture.


I had this half scale Greenleaf house sitting around forever. I like the style, but didn't have one idea about what to do with it. Then I thought, I don't have a haunted house in smaller size! So I've been working on it though I will be making a larger house later on.  

The hardest part is papering since I got it assembled from my friend, Tracy. So cutting patterns... then I have to get past my idea that it looks nice and try to grunge it up to look haunted! Still working on it. I really love the scrapbook papers I'm using. Not much to see yet, have one wall done and one room almost done. Taking awhile as have to measure the papers. The outside parts have to be added yet and then finished. I'm thinking of doing it gray painted, and putting corrugated card for roofing painted black. I also am trying to figure how to use some battery light strings in it. 

A fun project - made this haunted book hutch for my longtime writer pal, Courtney. (Check out her Haunt Jaunts website!) She's not a miniaturist, but she loves books and spooky things, so this was perfect! The books below were included with it.

Mini Books - there are some things that are fun to make over and over. Mini books are one of them. There's something about a bunch of small things that are the same!  I have a container full of books as I want to make a couple book scenes!

I also found this new glass garden shed at Goodwill - $5! Have to clean it up and add a floor. I see a shabby scene in this. And I found a small round lantern which was kind of different for a small scene.

I probably missed some things, but that's enough for now.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my latest creations. I appreciate your stopping by and sharing my love of minis. Wishing everyone a wonderful new year. I hope to have some new writing projects and book updates in the coming year!

Happy New Year!