February 24, 2016

Half Scale Beach Cottage Dollhouse

(Half scale cottage - Terri Correll photo)

I've been toying with the idea of doing a half scale Sea Captain's House. Originally the idea was to set it in a large boat-shaped shelf. But... I also happened upon this dollhouse kit that was sold as part of a North Carolina NAME project organized by Terri Correll so I might have - probably - changed my mind. 
The half scale cottage by Laser Tech Designs was a good deal (probably a special for the club) with the kitchen kits and a few tote bag favors included. One I couldn't resist. ha!
I asked Terri if I could share some photos of a few of the finished cottages. See below.

I may not get to my own house for a while yet but I keep thinking it would be a cool Witch's Cottage too. Still, I'm leaning toward the Sea Captain's House.

The house likely will have some kind of story connected with it. I have a love story evolving in my head about the sea captain's discovery and love for a mermaid that'll fit into the house plans and design. I wanted to make another half scale mermaid so now I have a reason. Plus, I have some great art and shimmery design ideas in mind. 

Furniture KITS: 
I got the beach house idea as I had this half scale sea captain figurine and then I saw these different kits from Mini Etchers at the Spring Three Blind Mice show in Schaumburg and also at the Online Miniature Show. (Coming up March 17-20). 

 So I have some of Mini Etchers' kits already like the cute boat shelf, sofa and cottage table. I see a few more to get, too.

 I also got the sink, stove and want to add a couple more cabinets to do the cottage-style kitchen. (She has several styles you can mix and match.) And the Eastlake furniture is  something different you never see. I got the settee (so far! ha!0 for the HS Victorian House.  

 So far I did find these two fabrics, also, that I posted earlier and want to use in the Sea Captain's House. I think the color scheme is perfect to fit into one of the rooms. I loved the designs of the fabrics! -- I'll keep you posted on updates!


Here are some photos of the interior of Terri's beach cottage: 

House 2 by Donna Deal:

House 3 by Gayle Hansen - barn and farm!

House 4 by Lynn Frank

Latest Miniature Finds

The latest finds...

Saw an interesting set of Victorian-fancy furniture on ebay and decided to check it out.

It's 1/24  - half scale and yes, it's plastic.  But it has nice detailing and thought it'd be interesting to see how it looked painted and covered. And it was only $4.50, free shipping from China. Not bad, I thought.

I also found this fabric on sale at Hobby Lobby and while I have a lot of fabric already,  (you know how that is) I liked it and thought it'd be perfect for a seaside/beach theme. Found the trim and matching ruffled ribbon, too. I'll do another post on the ideas surrounding this and the eventual project...

February 06, 2016

Winter Fun! Snow Sculpting

Just went to the national championship snow sculpting tournament in Wisconsin. Always such incredible work. Amazed at the detail these artists achieve. Thought I'd share some pix for your enjoyment. 

2nd place winner from Minnesota

Below - the champion entry, from Wisconsin

Third place winner from Illinois

February 03, 2016

Clay and Dollhouse Molds

This is something I want to try one of these days. I've bought mold material, but haven't done it yet.

(photo: Angie Scarr)

Just found that Angie Scarr has an octopus mold.  I've always loved the way these look - such great ideas for spooky projects, I'll have to look for this at the next show! I can see adding these to some Halloween scenes!  (Love those arms coming out of the bucket!)

Cool! She also has a how-to video!  (Sorry, can't embed it here.)