September 23, 2021

Dollhouse Video! #miniatures #half scale

Finished the last few additions (for now) in the Victorian dollhouse, so I tried making a video of the rooms. I put it up on my website Miniatures page here. 

The house is now covered with a giant acrylic case we made to keep out the dust and dog hair (which seems to get everywhere!) 

 I realize I didn't get a full photo of the front after it was finished, instead you can find photos of different sections in the blog archives in left column.

September 14, 2021

What I'm Reading: Keep Summer Close: The Shell Collector #romance #beachread

Hey, I don't read all dark horror, you know. Every now and then I like to settle in with a good historical, and yes, even a love story, beachy-read kind of book.

So, the pretty cover on this one definitely caught my eye. Oh, and the book contributed by the author for her upcoming blog tour also came with this pretty painted seashell, which was a nice surprise! Now you know me, I'm a sucker for little stuff and... my miniaturist's mind also was thinking, Ooh! Can I use this in the someday beach dollhouse or another house? You bet I will. I'll find a way to use it - it's too pretty not to use!

Oh! A quote on the underside too: (Good advice!)

For now, stay tuned for an upcoming blog tour, review giveaway and interview. Learn more at the author's website, where she has all kinds of cool stuff!. She has some online puzzles and more on the book page, too. She's also had several of her novels adapted to film showing on the Hallmark channel!

And here's more about the book:  (Sounds good, right?)

The Shell Collector, USA Today Bestselling Author Nancy Naigle - A novel of a friendship that crosses generations, and learning how even the smallest gifts can change a life for good.

Two years after her husband’s death, Amanda Whittier has two children to raise alone, an abandoned dream of starting a business, and a fixer-upper cottage by the sea. She has no room in her life for anything else and little interest in moving on after losing the man she loved. 

Paul Grant is a relative newcomer to the area, and his work with former military dogs needing rehabilitation has been good for the town. Though he loved once before, he’s convinced he’s not suited for romance and is determined to find meaning—alone—through his work and role in the community. 

Widowed Maeve Lindsay was born and raised on Whelk’s Island. Spirited, kind, and a little mischievous, she pours her life into the town. But she carries a secret that shapes her every move. 

Together, these three souls find encouragement in the most mysterious places and discover a love that’s bigger than their pain, healing their wounded hearts in ways none of them could have hoped for or expected.


September 09, 2021

#Miniature Photo Room Box Latest

 What's this, you ask??

Yes! I am starting to plan this year's HALLOWEEN IN MINIATURE posts. I think I have some fun stuff lined up, so be sure to come back and keep in touch!

In the meantime... ha! Remember the photo box I mentioned earlier? Well, it's about done, except for putting some trim in to hold the front glass. See progress below.

Well, I really love how the inside turned out and at the latest Goodwill trip, yes, I found two more boxes above. I kept thinking on it and decided I better not pass them up, especially as the top one was really different. Yeah, I needed more projects. haa! 

The top box is cool as it's smaller and if you look close it has a peaked roof with a round ball. I see a room, don't you?  So stacked on top the other one, it can be a tower of rooms. The second box is the same style but these two are mahogany while the first box I bought is a lighter blond wood. But I may still stack them for variety. All I have to do is lift them off to open the lid and get inside. I'm putting in lights with a battery pack and on/off button on the back of each.

Now the first one (below) was going to be an attic...then hubby mentioned a tiki bar. So maybe I'll order that tiki bar kit I've been seeing... I recently found a neat tiki monster statue by chance, too...

I love how the wood walls and the brick wall came out.

I added paper squares on top inside as I kept the wood top slats on the outside. Then I added new strips inside and put the wiring under those for the lights. See? Anything can be a room if you don't have a lot of space and have some patience. ha!

So maybe I can make a tiki bar in the basement, have an entrance and sitting room on floor 1 (I might leave the divider in and make an outside scene on one side for variety though it's a small space) and some kind of tower bedroom... ??? Decisions, decisions... The height of these seems to fit half scale the best, too. We'll see... 

The Halloween house is also underway.... slowly. More posts will be coming.

Thanks for stopping by!