August 25, 2021

More #HalfScale #Dollhouse Photos


Partial view of craft room

Surely, you're not tired of looking at dollhouse photos, right? I'm featuring my work tomorrow at the Half Scale Miniatures group on FB, so thought I'd share a few new photos here as well.

Well, new as in I just added some finished things to the Victorian dollhouse (see last updates, also scroll down or look in archives at left), or at least took recent photos. 

It's been fun working on this house and coming up with new things to make or kits to finish. But no worry! Of course I have many, many more kits to do yet! haa!

Part of craft table which is in center of room but I can't get a good overall photo. This was a NAME kit.

Kids craft table in the craft room, but hey, it's pizza time!

Kitchen: counter top, side baking table and main table. Finally found a dish drainer - was in the kitchen cabinet kit from D-Tales Miniatures/Ron Chase. (Now I wish I had another drainer!) The mixer is a painted metal miniature. I put some white puff paint in the bowl. The veggies are from past Half Scale group swaps.

The purse, if you didn't know, is actually a shaped button.

Just love this stove kit! From MiniEtchers.

More to come! Working on Halloween layouts and finishing the attic in the photo box. Got the top covered and working on putting the lights in next. See you next time!

August 20, 2021

#Halloween is Coming! New #Dollhouse Build!


What is this???

Well.... I couldn't resist. haa! Wondered what to do next and I'm in a HALLOWEEN mood!! So.... out came a kit I bought a while ago for this purpose! (And yes, the photo box room is still ongoing!) 

I'm building the Greenleaf Half Scale Van Buren dollhouse, which I'd bought some time back (for much cheaper than that price!) with a Haunted House in mind... or a Haunted Mansion.... So this is the start...

So far.... the middle and top roof parts aren't glued in yet, nor is the second floor. I lost the pattern instructions somehow, so muddling along, but it's going okay. Have to figure how to run electric tape first as I do want some lights in it. Will use scrapbook paper on the walls as I usually do.

Here's the full house front and back from the Greenleaf site. I may keep out some inner walls, still deciding....  I like the design so probably won't change much on the outside. 

I just liked the style of this and it's got some nice rooms without being a huge house as my Victorian House is... It's light, too. 

I'm thinking of doing brick on the outside. I just ordered more textured brick papers from  seller starboc1 from Greece on eBay. Her papers are great and reasonable ($25) for 16 sheets. I had used her other brick on the foundation, the chimney and in the attic of the Victorian house. I'm trying a different style brick this time (below)  for an older look. I'm thinking lots of soot, moss, vines and black window frames and trim. Plus, lots of gargoyles of course! We'll see what I decide. 

This will be fun! I'll start sharing some of the furnishings I made before and I also am getting some ideas for this year's Halloween in Miniature blogs. Stay tuned!

August 16, 2021

More #Dollhouse #Miniature Projects


A few other half scale kits I finished for the Victorian-flavored dollhouse. (Scroll down for past photos or look in archives list in left column.) 

The shelf kits I think I got a while back from Sdk miniatures. The painting easel and stool (plus the paint tray on the shelf) are from MiniEtchers.  The small paint cans, wool skeins, radio, sewing basket, Candyland game and painting are from past Half Scale Groups io swaps. I made most of the other items. 

Another project:

Yeah, I know, I flit from project to project. As the big dollhouse is pretty much done now, what is next? (I do have to put up kitchen cabinets and share pix of the kitchen counter, which is about all that is left now.)

I am getting in the mood to do Halloween stuff though I do and don't want to do another house. I have lots of things saved and plan to make more. It would be fun to do a full house (this is all in half scale) but....? I do have to set up my Halloween display first, of course.

For now, I'm working on this box....

WHAT is it??

This is actually a photo box I found at Goodwill. It had smaller glass windows on both sides along with glass on the top.

So far:

The front windows were cut to have one full window. I lined the inside with a bamboo mat I stained and brick paper on one side and the back of the front wall. I'm putting stained wood strips over the threads on the back wall. The floor is stained MDF wood flooring. I'll add wood on the outside for the window holes and add some printed posters.

The top will have three battery-run lights in the ceiling. I'm leaving the bars and putting paper in for the ceiling I think. So you see, you don't always need a house or regular room box to work in miniature. 

What is it going to be? I could decorate it for different holidays, but I also have an attic in mind. Stay tuned! 


August 11, 2021

Latest #Dollhouse #Miniature Finds and Rooms

 I was lucky today! Went to Goodwill and found a good assortment of  punched flower and leaf petals. I was getting low on these tinier petals which are used for Impatiens, so thrilled to find them! Plus Geranium leaves and an oval type leaf, plus yellow "foam" for flower centers. Only $1.99! Also found a whole big bag of sticky-back rhinestones which I use for potion bottle tops and other things. There also was some green quilling paper that may be useful.

And I found these little figures which are kind of interesting. They're a bit chunky but about 2 1/2" high, so may work in some half scale rooms with slightly larger furniture. They're kind of cute and could work in certain scenes.  Maybe I can use some by the eventual beach house.

* House Updates:

Changes on the Half Scale Victorian-flavored House continue. (See archives in left column or scroll down for past posts.) 

I changed the parlor to add another chair in and added pillows on the couch and chair, plus a small ottoman. (It doesn't show behind the coffee table. The ottoman, btw, is simply one of those round foam sheet layered "beads" from the dollar store that I covered with fabric.) The left chair is vintage plastic, which I usually cover with cloth but decided this time to leave it as is. The right chair I made from a pattern from Terri Shuping Correll in the Half Scale Miniatures group on FB. She sends the pattern free by request.

This was fun. All the craft items are from various swaps from the Half Scale Miniatures group at  The craft table was a 2019 Name Day project.  (Scroll down photos on page.) This goes in the top floor craft room.  (The green fern wallpapered room.)The table also has tiny bins added on one side. Cubby bins kit from S&S Furniture Co.

This was the best change. I forgot I had several other pieces stashed away that I'd bought when the half scale Jefferson Monticello dollhouse furnishings were marked down and discontinued. This "leather" chair really does fit the den better. It's a neat chair as it is rather unusual looking. The top and bottom are two pieces and it actually swivels.

I also added a red chair (above) from the Monticello collection to the hall as it adds some extra color against the tropical art on the wall. I also have one of the blue chairs similar to it in the dining room.

The Monticello dollhouse, a 1/24 scale replica of Thomas Jefferson's historic home,  was actually a pretty interesting house, but I think it had a limited audience as my guess is you almost felt confined to follow the historical style and time period. See photos of the house kit here. 

That's it for now! See you next time!

August 04, 2021

TV in #Miniature

 My latest mini finds at Goodwill. How could I pass that up?

And speaking of TV's....

Awhile back I'd found this cool site where you could buy a kit to make a mini TV that showed TV show clips.... See TinyCircuits. But that's rather pricey at $75... It also must be a new trend as do a Google search and you'll find all kinds of links for mini TVs.

Well! They must've licensed their technology as - this is so cool! It probably was a matter of time that this would be mass produced. Already working mini TV's will be sold soon at Walmart. So far the price is $25.  (They're not in yet.) 

The mini TVs called
Tiny TV Classics from Basic Fun will feature show clips from different eras. So far they're featuring four shows and TV styles - Batman, Friends, South Park and Back to the Future. More shows are supposed to come. I hope they come out with The Munsters and The Addams Family in the vintage cabinet TV styles... Won't that be neat in a mini haunted house???

The page has links to buy them at Walmart, though they aren't in and some pages don't show up yet. But it's something cool to look out for! Hopefully the supply chain problems they've been talking about on TV won't delay shipping too long.