August 09, 2020

Update: #Miniature Projects, For the Record... LPs

For the record (get the pun? ha!) ... Yes, I've been slooowly working on things. I keep going between several projects but am making some progress.

Here's a peek at the miniature record table as I'm organizing it. Thinking of putting some dividers in and alphabetic labels...  (Click photos for full size.)

The room itself is getting there, too. Have to glue other wall in yet and figuring what lights to add. I changed some things around, too, to make it a gift shop as well. I decided I really don't want to make hundreds more record albums. haa! I think these plus some in a bookcase will be plenty. Stay tuned for more updates!

And a few records for fun. Gotta have that magazine, too! Remember those?

July 18, 2020

For fun, #miniatures kitchen visitor

Stopped at Goodwill and couldn't resist this figure for .99 cents!

He stopped by the miniature kitchen looking for some coffee!

July 14, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 4

The last day of these posts, though not the last day of creativity. Been working - finally! - on a new how to for the book update..., Actually liking how it's going. That's half the battle! Stay tuned for details.

* See day 3 post

Today's mini: I'll leave you to guess what plant this is. (For the record store.)

Yesterday's mini:
Ok, funny observation: These might go together. It wasn't intentional. ha! (I made the fish sandwich.)

July 10, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 3

Another photo in the 7 Days of Creativity posts, sharing my miniatures.

* See post 2.

Another scene from the Half Scale Country House:  (I also have a full page of photos up on my website.)

July 09, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 2

A sneak peek at a couple more of my projects... I'm slowly, very sloooowly working on getting some older projects done now. The record store is still in progress... very close! It may change to a record and gift store though, You know how that goes...

7 Days of Creativity:

* See the first post.

Day 4, Today's Mini: Dress form

Was pretty happy how this came out. I painted the plastic dress form (Chrysnbon?) and glued the material to make the layered dress. The waist gathering was sewn. I added a dowel and base since I lost the original one. This is in the Ladies Shop in the cabinet. Here's a recent photo:

Yesterday's Mini:

Bedroom in the Half Scale Country House attic

July 06, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity

For fun, I'm sharing various projects as part of Seven Days of Creativity on Facebook. If you're not a friend there, (see my FB page), I'll repost the projects here as well.

Since I'm behind here, I'll share yesterday's as well to get caught up.

Day 1:  The chair is in my Half Scale Country House. (I made the chair from a Cassidy Creations kit. The dog was from a past swap.)

My friend Kitty made the kid dolls and the tiny bead dolls on the shelf. The books are from Lee Ann Borgia.

June 10, 2020

#Miniature Finds: Or I needed another project, right?

Haaa! Oh, the projects I have to do yet... but, when you find something...

Finally got out and did a little shopping, and found these great items. I almost didn't buy it but the cabinet was so unique and so was the resin/plaster fireplace.  (Aren't they wonderful??) Also got a beautiful paper tile floor in a rose color... 

So a library scene will be in the works soon. I knew I was making a lot of miniature books for a reason!! Also found a cool plastic drop chandelier that's in layers, different than the usual ones, so we'll see if that works...  Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for updates!

(And yes... the Ladies Shoppe cabinet is about done now. Got the front plastic in the doors and the shelf inside... Trying to find some battery lights that will light it enough. The kitchen is about done, too. Made a garbage container for under the sink and some newspapers for on top of the fridge. It's the little details! Pix coming!)

May 15, 2020

#Miniatures Project Update: Cabinet and Kitchen

Figured I'd give a "little" update as to the projects progress...

Getting there. It's close to the end!!

Yes, I'm very-slowly doing some things for the planned Raggedy Ann house, but also trying to get the lady's shoppe cabinet and the shadow box kitchen finished. Getting there! (Click photos for full size.)

The Kitchen:

I have only a few things left to add. That open space under the kitchen cabinet will have a filled garbage container. 

I put in the faucet, added some food and finished the side counter.  The side support was cut from one of those wood fans. I glued two pieces together for strength. Plus, I added a shelf underneath to the wall with some extra dishes and a broom on the edge. 

I put some sliding "doors" (painted corrugated paper with metal findings) on the front of the sink cabinet instead of having it all open. Yes, the drain pipe is glued under there, too. I added a small bowl on the shelf as well, in case the sink leaks. (Don't trust that plumber! ha!)

I'll be adding a pizza to the oven...  looking for my ingredients! And I'm putting a stack of newspapers on the top of the fridge. 

I know, it's a really busy kitchen! It would be less busy with wall cabinets instead, but I liked the idea of using a shelf for a change. And it's like real life! I like how it's come out.

The Lady's Shoppe Cabinet

Not real big progress, but it's something I've been putting off and I'm close to finishing now. I did finish filling the shelves before. Finally, the inside is papered and the floor added. The floor paper was glued to a piece of mat board and glued on top of the cabinet drawer.  I ended up taking out the small ledges as this makes the cabinet fit inside better.  Next, have to put acrylic in doors, then add some lights on the ceiling. 

Here's a dress form I had and repainted it white. I need to finish painting the bottom, a bamboo skewer set into a wood heart shape for a stand.  The dress is actually all glued in layers, except I did do a gathering stitch to pull the waist of the dress in. 

Stay tuned! More to come!

May 01, 2020

Planning my next #dollhouse project, Raggedy Ann

Or should I say likely...

Yes I bought a dollhouse kit when Hobby Builder's Supply's had the  40% off sale....

I got the 1/2" scale farmhouse by Real Good Toys. Here's a pic from the site. 
I mentioned some of this on the last post in the #AtoZ Blog Challenge - Z end and recap...

But... I decided I do want to make this into a Raggedy Ann house. My fascination with the doll began years ago. I had a couple dolls. Used to have a huge one I won in a costume contest as a teenager at church. I don't have them anymore, but it's nice to do miniature scenes since they take up less room. Well, kind of. When you have a lot of houses, you run out of room. Half scale at least takes up less space. ha!

* Here's some history and all kinds of Raggedy stuff at RaggedyLand. (Waaah, they had some cute miniatures but they're discontinued so I'll make some.) Cute ideas, I'll have to make a lunch box and love that thermos! It has to be tinier, though, as it's half scale!


This is the cutest book cover for wall art. I'll be making small books for a shelf, plus game and doll boxes.

These are adorable, Barbie Kelly doll set. How cute!

So thinking how to do this.The planning is the best part, I think: 

Some ideas:

* Raggedy lover Sheila on Raggedy Kingdom has an adorable Raggedy bedroom and a red kitchen in a 1/4" scale Victorian dome! (Scroll down on that page for pix.) I was thinking of a red kitchen, too. I like that idea.

* Here's another smaller scale house  she did with the patriotic color scheme.

I was thinking of doing the outside yellow with red and blue trim.... not sure yet.

Here's a Colorforms kit that shows a yellow house: I love yellow but for this, I'd change the green...

I might have some small scraps of Raggedy print fabric left from the other projects, but holy cow, checking Ebay, minimal choices and $$$. If we can ever leave the house soon!!! I'll have to go on a fabric hunt. 

Yeah I have a ton of fabric but not any other RA print. Figures right? haaa! Luckily this is half scale. I don't need much!

Fabric I have on hand.. just some of the reds... Will ask my friend Gigi (who's also a quilter) what she has!

Looking into the scrapbook paper inventory:

Yes, the roses are bit big... but sometimes a bigger pattern works... I kind of like that blue and rose paper, though...  Bigger patterns can be broken up with wainscoting, too. 

Kitchen: I like that retro style with the black leaves for the walls. The dots are cute as a back splash? It doesn't all have to be the dark blue with the red... but the colors can be mixed in.

I like mixing prints. It's all subject to change, until I can go out, of course. 

Stay tuned. We'll see what I figure out! I'll have to dig out the kitchen kits and see what I have. 

April 30, 2020

#AtoZ Blogging: Z End and recap

* Go to Day 1


Z end - but not!!

I'll contact the contest winners and post names soon as I have to get their addresses. (See day 1 link above if you didn't enter. You still have time. Ends today!)

ha! The title of this post: I had to add a pun. Technically, yesterday's post was the last combined one, but I figured I'd add a couple other pix, and show some hints at my progress and getting near Z End of some projects. Yay!

What's this? 

Ha! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not real organized. I try, but I usually end up with a lot of boxes with lots of mini things in them. I try to put items for projects together, I've gotten better at doing that, but.... 

So I looked in quite a few boxes before I found this faucet, which btw was in a small container I thought I'd  looked in already! BUT.... necessary as it goes in the Mini Kitchen Room... which now has everything glued on the top shelf (slightly different than that photo), and next I have to add the other counter, maybe a small curtain I'm thinking under the sink and.... you'll see yet! I'll take more pix soon. Sooooo close! (Click photos for full size.)

A favorite I wanted to share again:

Mini Groceries from a past swap. I get such a kick out of these!

A little trivia about the month's A to Z Blog Challenge posts: 

* The post with the highest amount of visits (over 200 and counting) : C for the Cabinet Dollhouse  by JP Sligh. (For a good reason! If you missed this, be sure to look!) 

* The second most popular post was N for Nothing but One Inch Dollhouse Kits (I liked this one, too, as it was interesting finding out of the ordinary kits.)

* The third most popular post was G for Miniature Gardening, Making the half-scale potting shed was one of my favorite projects. 

* Another popular post was the S for Miniature Country Farmhouse Style rooms by Tanya Thayer McKibben. I just love these rooms!!!

* Interesting for me, was one of my most popular posts on my Facebook page was the post showing my Raggedy Ann room on P for Dollhouse Show Plans. I really loved doing this small room, too. Everyone seems to love Raggedy Ann and Andy!  

I didn't show it in these posts, though I did share it before on the blog. Here's a pic (below) of the first and larger room I did with the same theme. Also a favorite. This one was fun as I even dressed the baby as a Raggedy. My friend Kitty did the two smaller dolls.  Who knows? Maybe I'll do another in the future... a whole house could be a lot of fun. Hmmm.... That has an idea percolating as I hadn't considered that yet.

Uh-oh. An IDEA!! Recently I started a new farmhouse kit in half scale.
 (Photo is from Real Good Toys. Mine is unpainted, unfinished yet.)

I was going to do it as Halloween, but...  I do have another kit set aside (don't laugh!) that'll fit that better. I wasn't real crazy about doing this house like that. THIS idea has me getting more intrigued.... 

Luckily all I did so far was pick out papers and added some paint to darken the living room floor a little. Still plenty of time to pick new pattern papers, etc. Stay tuned, this could work!! I love the idea of doing a whole kitchen in Raggedy Ann colors! I love finding things and making things to go in theme projects! Making tiny Raggedies in half scale could be a blast!! Believe me, I have plenty of accessories and kits that I can paint, etc. to fit this. It also gives me an excuse to look for more theme stuff, too. haa! (Still hoping the dollhouse shows will be held in August!)
 ** Stay tuned for some updates and progress pix!

****I hope you enjoyed visiting each day and seeing mine and a few other people's projects! I so appreciate all you old and new visitors. Please sign up for the updates (box in left column) to see what's new as I post. Maybe I'll get more inspired to finish updating that book, too! Yes, I'm a tortoise. ha!