November 18, 2019

New Light Idea - LED fuse lamp

Interesting new idea I came across.

These are LED lights called fuse lamps that are 8 volt and will plug into a florescent light holder. They are incredibly bright as they have 3 lights. These are warm white and are  7 for $7.99 on ebay.  (They're cheaper through the consumer electronics section than sold as dollhouse components.)

The holders are called flourette sockets on the Cir-Kit page. There is a nail version (first photo) and a solder version. Of course these use the traditional 12 v bulb which is $2.48 each. 

The light holder pushes into the tape run. The LED light can be used with a 9 volt battery but the more lights you use, the less life in the battery. 

You might be able to use 12 volt - but not sure if it would burn the light out. You could solder the 9-volt battery holder wires into a tape run. Or you can get a 9-volt transformer. Many transformers for household items will offer different voltages. You can often find these at second hand stores, too.

I haven't tried this idea yet, but may get some more of these LED lights and try it out. I'll post if I do. Let me know if you decide to experiment.

I also found this LED light at Oakridge Hobbies which looks similar but is a flat shape instead so it doesn't need a holder. There is no information on voltage. It looks like it has wires on each end, which would solder in or attach is my guess. It's $7.89 (sale). 

November 12, 2019

Wee C Dollhouse Show 2019-3

Last past of some of the great dollhouse displays at the annual Wee C Dollhouse Show.
Hope you enjoyed seeing them! (Begin at Post 1  -  Post 2.) Click photos for full, large size.

More Shops and Interiors - 1" scale

Game room. Wonder if they made all the games?

 Map/travel room.

Christmas room.

Neat front of L-shaped room.

Nice cafe. Hungry?

November 11, 2019

Wee C Dollhouse Show 2019-2

More miniature rooms and displays at the annual Wee C Dollhouse Show.
See more photos - Post 1.  Click photos for better, full size view. Next: Post 3 tomorrow.

Half Scale

Was glad to see quite a few smaller scale dollhouses and scenes on display this year.

Cute trailer.

Loved this idea of making small cubicles with small items. I have several boxes like these set aside. The dogs are adorable!

Great way to display some lovely little lady figures and accessories.

Cute themed idea - a genealogy room in a small box. Lots of detail in a small space.

Stores and Fronts
Amazing carvings for doors. 

Love the men's shop. I have this kit to do (Street of Shops). Like the look of the stained wood. I have several of those kits, too, from Lisa's Little Things for my men's shop.

Cute Dinette. Look who's peeking in!

Neat way to do a small storefront in a small space by building the front in a shadowbox. I'd like to do something like that yet.

** See More Tomorrow!

November 10, 2019

Wee C Dollhouse Show 2019-1

I'm back from the annual trip to the Wee C Dollhouse Show in Elk Grove Village, Ill. Always a fun time with my good friend, Gigi. Lots of minis and lots of exhibits. (See Post 2 tomorrow.)

The best part is the amazing display room, a chance to see all kinds of cool projects. So enjoy some of my favorites that I took photos of. There were more than this, too! Come back tomorrow for more photos!

All are 1" - 1/12th scale unless specified. Click photos for best and largest size.

Unusual Settings and Structures

One of the best displays, I thought, was this circus wagon. Really well decorated and nicely done. 

Anthropologist's office in a container. Clever use of an interesting box.

Tick-tock. Neat when you have lots of the same items.

Market Stalls

Traditional German stalls. Love the tiny houses and ornaments. 
You can get a lot of detail in a small space. 

The Halloween stall is fun, too!

Back view:

Rooms in a small cube.

A picture really says it all.

 Like the colors. You can do a lot in a small space.

This is that window room display box that was a past kit from NAME (National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts). I did Raggedies in mine, too. (See photos.)
Nice to see someone else did one!

More tomorrow!

November 04, 2019

#Paris #Miniature Project 23 Update - Really!

Yes... now that Halloween is over (oh the Halloween mini making is far from over Chris says!), it's time for a new Paris Miniature Project Update! (You can see the beginning by clicking the photo in the left column.)

I know, nothing has been posted since the Curtains post in August but... back to school, her classes, work, and all that has Gigi really busy!

But.... she has been working on things. See top photo... (Chris says, trust me, I nag her and can see it in person. ha!)

So...  here are a few photos. 

The insides of the rooms are papered and the curtains are up. She finished her flowers on the balconies and will be attaching those. (And they look nice!) The rooms are being assembled and trim is being put up on the outside. She now is starting the outer stucco work. Like everyone else, we're saving the outside views for later.

For now, how about some shopping?

Here are some items in the cabinet on the first floor shop.  Remember the mask theme mentioned in the first post? You might spot a few in here... (Click photos for full view.)

 Souvenirs, anyone?

I had to add this photo - look at the key board and more masks. That looks great!

I know, it's only a sneak peek, but the reveal will be coming soon. 
Until then, Happy Creating! 

October 31, 2019

Happy #Halloween in #Miniature! 6

Well... sadly, it looks like it's the end of our 2019 tour! (If you missed it, go back & start at Day 1.)

(Ha! I couldn't resist this photo of The Asylum's Morgue by Debra Hinton.)

Before you leave, be sure to join the party!

"Ooh, such great snacks. Even Uncle Ed decided to hang around for the goodies. haa! " (Table and food, C. Verstraete. I bought the ribs.)

"Mmm, don't forget to have some pie, too. Cook just made it. All fresh! heh-heh." (Pie, Linda Cummings.)

"Don't be in  a hurry to leave... Stick around. I hear Mr. Skellie has some drop-dead jokes to share. haaa!"

"Okay, okay. Here are  a few of his favorites. Hey, no groaning!"

  1. Who is the most famous French skeleton? Napoleon Boneapart. (Get it?)
  2. How did the skeleton know it was going to rain? He felt it in his... bones.
  3. What song do skeleton crooks listen to after a heist? Why, what else? Bad to the Bone.
  4. What do skeletons order at restaurants? Spare ribs!
  5. What was the skeletons favorite rock band? The Grateful Dead.
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HINT: Make some mini colored pencils by cutting down a toothpick. paint the body and end with a matching color acrylic paint. Seal with Mod Podge, gloss or matte.
   Crayon: You can make a crayon in the same way but cut the toothpick tip down slightly to the fuller point to make a bigger tip. Paint the whole toothpick with matching acrylic paint. Seal with Mod Podge matte. Find a crayon label online and shrink it down. Find more crayon and pencil box printies at

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October 30, 2019

#Halloween in Miniature 2019 - 5 - The Cemeteries

 * Welcome back to HALLOWEEN IN MINIATURE! * 

(Start at Day 1 )


By Christine Verstraete

Now that everyone has toured the house, it's time to head outside. What's better than a walk in the cemeteries on a moonlit night? Ah, hear the wolves howling in the distance. So comforting! (Double click photos for full size.)

No, the dog won't bite. Really. Trust me. Never mind that leg bone he has... 

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Nice night. Take your time so we can give chef a chance to make some of her delectable desserts. Watch your step. Look out for that tombstone there! (Cemetery, C. Verstraete)

Someone screams. "What's wrong? Did someone get killed? Oh, no. Him again!" She lowers her voice to a whisper. "Just run past, hurry. Do NOT look at him! DON'T LOOK! RUN!" (Cemetery section of personal project, Chris Verstraete.)

"There. We're safe now. No, he won't follow us. He'll stay over there. Now, please follow me..."

Someone else screams. Mrs. Skellie looks over and laughs. "Oh, never mind. It's only one of the rats. Don't worry. They're actually quite friendly - and smart! He likes to hang around the Pet Sematary. Why, of course we have one. Oh, it's perfectly safe. Just, um, don't go over the wall there!" 

 (Rat by Georgia Marfels of Germany. See her Etsy shop She has some fantastic animals and spooky items! - Pet Sematary, Nury Larissa Romero)

"Come along, now. No dawdling. The quicker we finish the tour, the faster we get in for some of those delectable goodies!

"Don't be frightened. We know it can look a bit scary out here, but you're perfectly safe. Trust me... heh-heh...."

(Full view of The Asylum by Debra Hinton. (I think this view would make a great Halloween postcard! Ii'd love one!)

The amazing Asylum project was scratch-built by Hinton and her husband. The huge project has 28 rooms plus hallways. There are even embalming rooms and a morgue under the table it sits on! The project is 3 meters/over 9.84 feet in length. It includes a hospital wing on the left adapted from the Laurels kit. The center has the asylum with the doctor's surgery and apothecary at the right. This isn't a project for the weak and has some dark aspects, but it really is well worth a look. The creativity on this is incredible! (See photos and more of her work at Darkside Miniatures. Warning: it can be gory at times. Also see more photos at The Kangley Hill Asylum FB page)

"Don't worry, it's perfectly safe to walk around," Mrs. Skellie adds. "Just watch where you step!  Uh-oh. Uncle Herbert has popped out again. He insists on greeting visitors. Don't worry, he's harmless. Be sure to say hello. He says haunting can be a lonely business..." (Graveyard, Janet Whittig.)

"Now over here we have the mausoleums and... Ah, here we are. Surprise! Isn't this wonderful? We're going to have a picnic in the cemetery!" (Graveyard picnic  and ghost by Janet Whittig.)

"Did you know the Victorians used to do that all the time? They designed cemeteries as park-like settings where people could walk around and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. See, Gus Ghost has the right idea getting out a book! 

"Everyone, gather 'round, take a seat. Let's all take a moment to reflect, then we'll pass out some desserts! Mmm, stale donuts and moldy cake. Now that's quite the treat!" (Food table, C. Verstraete)

"Coffee, anyone? No, of course we don't have any decaf, sorry. I'd be an absolutely horrible host to offer that! What, you don't want to stay up all night with the rest of us and see the ghouls rise?" (Coffee by Patricia Paul.) "When you finish your dessert, we'll continue the tour."

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💀 Mrs. Skellie's Reading List:


 199 Cemeteries To See Before You Die, Loren Rhoads - Information and more than 300 photos on unique cemeteries across the world and in the US. 

Pet Sematary, Stephen King - Some things, like old Indian burial grounds, should be left undisturbed. A favorite book!