April 04, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - D is for Dollhouse

* Today is day 4  - Letter D - of the daily A to Z Blog Challenge * 

Back to the Half Scale Country House I've been working on.

D is for... 


I've been working on my dollhouse, what I call the Half Scale Country House, for a while now. It's nearly done! Here's a few of the latest photos I've shared of the outside. I'll share more interior photos on upcoming days.

The house was colonial style but I didn't want all those windows, so I closed the sides and took out the center window. The front is paper clay. The sides are individual wood strips. I hand-painted the clay and wood with acrylic paint.

(I've also removed the flower bed and am making a better one seasonal flowers that sets in the space.)  The "vases" by the front door are actually ceramic electric caps from inside a 1960s stove we finally got rid of.  The color might look off in some photos but the blue shutters and trim are actually turquoise.

I used painted scalloped plastic brick sheet for the flat roof (not shown). It also is used on the shed and will be on a partial-roof potting shed (not finished yet). Yes, the shed roof opens. There's a bathroom and storage. I have to make a wringer washer yet.



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