April 18, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - P is for Potting Shed

* Today is Letter P of the daily A to Z Blog Challenge *

I have a few small things to do yet. I built a small potting shed on the other side of the Half Scale Country House. Happy how this turned out. 

The shed's on the left side. 


I also made another flower bed, this one with petunias in the middle. 


Hmm, someone didn't plant that bucket yet...


I love the potting shed! (The potting bench is a kit from SDK Miniatures.
 I made the hutch from picture frame mat board.) The seed box is a small bookshelf I got from one of the Half Scale Yahoo group swaps


c verstraete

Those are Polly Pocket boots. Perfect size!  
Even have copies of my local newspaper on the bottom shelf of the bench (and for the planting!)

c verstraete

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