August 29, 2015

Mini Class Previews for Spring Bishop Show

Here are sone pix of some of the neat projects that'll be coming up at the spring Chicago International Show. The preview was at the fall show at the Holiday Inn in Rolling Meadows. Interesting hotel as the whole inner meeting area and pool was all decorated like a giant tiki room and a Hawaiian setting.  Quite unique.

half scale

half scale

August 25, 2015

New Miniature Style Ebook Cover - Now on Kindle!

If you don't have it already, my first ebook In Miniature Style is now on Kindle - with a new cover!

You should know we changed the cover from the original pink/purple ebook cover above.

The contents are the same unless you want to get a version for your Kindle.  See Amazon page for In Miniature Style: Original Homes and Rooms, Big in Quality, Small in Size.  You can get more details on the contents on my website. - Here is the link for all the Amazon pages.

Happy minis!

Note: there may be an issue with too small text on captions that is being worked on.

** Projects original to this version include:

* Handmade kaleidoscope
* Coordinating picture frame
* Antique reproduction mantle clock
* Pigeons
* Fun flowers
*  Wall a room and make hats
* Original lamps and tables
* Art rugs

August 11, 2015

Half Scale Dollhouse Living Room

It's been a while since I posted photos of the Half Scale Country House,

I had one room left to finish the details in - now the living room is done!

I made the furniture from the d. Anne Ruff half scale furniture kit. The table and chairs are the cafe set kit from SDK Miniatures.  The console is a magnet, too.

Hopefully I'll have some kind of case made as I want to take the house to the county fair  - gasp- next week. Already!  (More photos - attic.)

The chair under the stairs is one of those smaller plastic dollhouse chairs. I covered it in fabric to match my curtains. I also made the clock. The phone table is a magnet.