March 22, 2024

HS Miniature Mansion Latest!


On the clock... tick-tick-tick....

Yes, I've been quiet but slowly working on some furnishings and adding a few things. The mansion owner and tenants were getting angry about how long their furniture was taking to get built as they want to move in already! That's what happens when you hire the wrong people. haa! 

(**Click photos for full size and better view; Last post: mansion flowers; diner. See more posts in left column archives list.)

The Diner: 👀

I'm still adding some more items in the diner (where's the plumber? He has to fix that sink already!) But I did put an important item in the diner - a clock! (See top photo.) And the electrician will be putting the phone in next. Something else:

I decided to add a Little Free Library bookcase on the back wall. It needed something and I thought a bookshelf left over from the Sam's Study kit would fit well because of the color. It seemed a good addition as patrons can take a book with them or read while they eat lunch. I just loooove how this room looks! It's not your usual dollhouse room but that was the fun of it! 💋

Movin' on Up: Second floor:

I really like how this bed set came out. (Hart's Desire Minis/Etsy). The set has an armoire and I also have a second set with a vanity and chest but I don't think I'll have room in this house for the other furnishings. Maybe I'll make a small room setting as these are really nice pieces.

I usually pause at painting furniture over staining it, but it really does add something 'extra'  since the widow/building owner on the second floor has all white (actually antique white) and gold in her apartment and I thought it should match. I cut out some flowers and painted in a little background on the headboard. I liked the color combination of purple, gold, and white to coordinate with the art. The gold cover is a piece of upholstery fabric. The screen is glued over scrapbook paper.

I also decided to add a gold floral filigree piece with little "jewels" in the front of the fireplace as it fit better. I added some art on the walls by the door and put another gold/brass vase with matching gold flowers in the corner. I also found a little statue I painted gold for the mantel. Added the clock on the wall, too.

Third floor:

I did make another small, plain bed for the cafe' owner's rooms. I made the frame with a small headboard from mat board. I didn't want anything fancy so it fits in the nice but "useful" decor of the larger sitting room. It may not look like much but it does look good in the room.

Also decorated the table and added another chair. Lunch is served! I made the food plate and chip bag, and all the decorations. The "chips" are Bell Pepper seeds. 😏

The left chair and table (which I adapted a bit) are from the D-Tales half-scale kitchen cupboard kit. The chair on the right is from All About Miniatures/Etsy. I need to get another chair for the smaller bedroom's table.

So, still working on more stuff! 
Thanks for looking! Come back soon for more updates!

March 08, 2024

HS Dollhouse Mansion Flowers & That Bed

 It's sounding like Spring outside with the Cardinals calling and blackbirds whirring, so it's a good time to make miniature flowers, too. (*See last post- planters and diner; see other posts in left column archives. Click photos for best view full size.)

Decided to plant some different pots and planters for the Half-Scale Mansion. See photo above. Yes, that small round "planter" is actually a vintage wood sewing thread spool. I liked the size and painted it with a light coat of chocolate brown.

I thought the small bed of "sunflowers" added something in front. I might change the green pot for the pot of white flowers that's on the deck. Not sure yet. I still have to add another large container on the porch by the door.

Here's the rooftop garden again. I moved that pot over on the table and added a book. Have to find a drink to put there, too.  

Even added in the bunny fountain for Easter. 😊 I'll look for a grill to add here.

The 1" scale bed:

Finished up the bed and I think it came out pretty cool. It's for sale; contact me if interested. (US shipping only.) Both ends are decorated the same. The drawers open and are lined.

Thanks again for visiting! We'll see what I work on next. Furnishings, I think. Oh, I wish the dollhouse shows were here already. ha!

March 06, 2024

Writing Interruption: Ghost Story Accepted!

(Haunted image:

 Commercial break!

Between making minis, I do still write, you know. haa! 

Yay! New and first acceptance of the year: My ghostly story, "Secrets of the Last Mine," has been accepted for a ghost anthology. A goal I had was to be in an anthology like that --- and get this story out there.

The story behind the story: This story was originally accepted for an anthology, then declined, then I kept reworking, re-editing, re-titling, and re-sending it out. I almost, almost gave up on it, but I still liked the story, so it was just a matter of finding somewhere it would fit.

About the story: It's a ghostly, eerie tale. Nothing gory here.

Jake Simon is haunted by dark memories and the mine disaster that happened in his childhood. Now the mine is finally being shut down - and it's time for him to face the past and the "Secrets of the Last Mine."

I'll include more details soon. 

March 04, 2024

HS Dollhouse Mansion Planters, Beds

 I realize I should label posts better as if I want to find a certain thing (and can't), then I'll have to take a new photo, if possible. ha!

Working on a few odds and ends for the mansion. (*See last post - almost open diner; and fries. More posts in left column archives list. Click photos for full size better view.) 

Planters and flowers:

The planter above was a kit from SDK Miniatures. I tried something different this time. Instead of using punches or pre-cut petals, I cut out different flowers from a sheet of scrapbook paper, "cupped" them with a ball stylus, and glued them onto paint-tipped wire. The flower heads were all different sizes but I liked that they were not the typical kind of plant and not too realistic. I used some plastic spiky leaves for the background. For some variety, I glued shimmery paper and a painted metal finding on the front.

I decided the windows of the Park Ave. Mansion needed some window boxes. Sure, it's fine without them, but as you've seen, I'm a "more is more" person, so I thought they added something.  Here's one of the boxes though I decided not to use the flower decal and took it off.

I took the easy way this time and just used pre-made clay flower slices. The flowers are just clay nail design slices glued to wire and stuck into air dry clay topped with moss. I also made the flower box from 1" scale staircase molding.

I did the tower, but am still finishing up the rest of the windows.

I had made some other window boxes previously on the Fairfield. (Looking for pix with the windows, which I haven't found yet.) The railing window box used pre-made clay leaves I took out of another planter.


I admit a preference for nicely made beds in my houses. Here's a Halloween bed I made a while back from one of those punch-out furniture kits. I've also made others with different Halloween fabrics and a set of Christmas beds that I had used in the attic of my Country HS house. Here are the regular beds in that attic. (Hmm, I don't seem to have taken photos of the Christmas beds. Well, the Christmas part of the attic is in the above link. I'll have to redecorate that again.)

I saw a photo of someone else's messy dollhouse bed and thought that would be fun to try for a change. So, the bed in the chef's room (third floor of mansion, turquoise room) had to be messy, like he just left the crumpled up covers to go get ready for work. (The room is still not totally done yet.)

I used some leftover wood pieces from those punch-out furniture kits to make the bed frame with a piece of mat board for the bottom support and doubled foam for the mattress. The secret to this is gluing crumpled foil under the covers and then scrunching it so it lays how you want and then gluing it down. This was a fun experiment I'll have to try again.

1" Scale Bed:

This is a hideously ugly bed that I've been hanging onto as I had an idea in mind for it.

I'll say it was ugly. I'm revamping it - painting, adding paper accents and a red-white-blue nautical color scheme. I'll show it soon and have to say it looks pretty good! 

This and a few other things will be for sale soon (sorry, US shipping only) since I have shows coming up and need to get some more spending $.

Almost finished with it; Stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon for more updates!