February 28, 2024

Half-Scale Mansion Diner - Almost Open!


Moving right along on the diner project in the lower level of the Half-Scale Mansion. (* See last post - fries; see more posts in left column archive. * Click photos for full size better view!)

Most everything is done but I'll be adding a few things yet so that's why I'm saying it's not open yet! I have to get another table set at the show and still trying to figure out a small gift stand near the door. (It'll have to be a small vertical shelving unit since there really isn't much room left!)

 I know this isn't the usual layout for a "mansion" dollhouse, but I'm glad I decided to do something different as it's been fun trying out new things.

The cooking counter: 

This came out even better than I expected! 

It's fun to see it with all the food signs up! (Yes, I have to add the pipe under the sink yet!)

What I'm really happy with is how the food came out. After I made the food on the grill (air dry clay painted with burnt umber and red with white acrylic paint), I added some "grease" using the Glaze I have. Added some more glaze then with a touch of the burnt umber to make it look like the dirty grease. Perfect!

I glued a couple stove grills I had left to a card painted silver, then scanned it for the cooking area to the right of the griddle. Figured it was the easiest way to do it. The spatula is cut from the inner metal coffee can liner.

The back is the embossed inner coffee can lid glued to matboard, Knew I kept saving those for a reason!

I decided the window looked too bare, so I added a red-check curtain to match the chair seats. I also added another small counter on the right of the eating counter so the cook has another place to set food. There's a crate underneath that I'll add some cola bottles in, I think. But this is not just a counter...

The side counter has a secret... I decided to use the dishwasher kit I had (old MiniEtchers kit) and figured I'd put it under a counter for more space. He doesn't want dishes piling up when it gets busy!

I have to get another cafe table set (SDK Miniatures) at the show in April, so I have one for now that I painted the silver with a red speckled top. I'll need some pots and pans, too.

The burger and fries is again air dry clay. The cup is from the past Half Scale group swap. 

I made a short video to give a view of the full diner:  (Or watch on YouTube) Yes, I'll do a better one later. 😏

So, almost there! At least on this floor. There's a lot to do yet: furniture for the other floors, flowers outside.... Stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon for more updates!