November 21, 2018

November 14, 2018

Wee C Dollhouse Show Miniatures 2018-3

Here's the last photos of some of the miniatures on display at the annual Wee C Dollhouse Show in Elk Grove Village, Ill. See post 1 - post 2. Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour!

 Two-sided room: This is a fun idea. The wall/room is angled so you can put inside and outside.

Framed scene:

You can make it look like the whole building with walls inside a frame. Neat way to make a scene in limited space. You can also do something like this in a book box.

Small Window Box: Another fun idea for lots of detail in a small space. Love all the Raggedies!

I remember seeing these stand-up figures last year and thought they were funny. Someone bought them and put them in scenes:

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

November 13, 2018

Wee C Dollhouse #Miniatures Show 2018-2

Annual Wee C Dollhouse Show  - some of the miniatures displays. See post 1 - post 3 - tomorrow.

Yesterday, I showed some of the amazing shops. Today's an assortment starting with Market Stalls. Click photos to see full size.

Pretty details.

Fun! Even teensier versions!


Loved this tiny witch cottage.

Pretty setting in a neat container.

Painting studio:

Come back tomorrow for post 3!

November 12, 2018

Wee C #Miniatures Show 2018-1

The annual display of dollhouse miniatures at the Wee C Dollhouse Show in Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Favorite show. Always have a good time here. Here's some of the great dollhouses and rooms on display this year.  Tomorrow and next day - see post 2 - post 3. Click photos to see full size.


Shops are always a fun theme in miniature as you can create that favorite business you always wanted or recreate a favorite place you liked to visit.

This was eye-catching.

Of all the displays, this was my favorite. This is a half scale dollhouse turned into shops! The front, which I failed to get a photo of, was all brick. Inside, each room was a different store.  I love how the hall has large windows with the names of the stores. Such a great idea!

Great detail in the butcher shop. Even the worn floor! And the meats and cheeses!

Love the hall and windows!

Ice cream parlor.

Come back tomorrow for post 2!