July 18, 2020

For fun, #miniatures kitchen visitor

Stopped at Goodwill and couldn't resist this figure for .99 cents!

He stopped by the miniature kitchen looking for some coffee!

July 14, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 4

The last day of these posts, though not the last day of creativity. Been working - finally! - on a new how to for the book update..., Actually liking how it's going. That's half the battle! Stay tuned for details.

* See day 3 post

Today's mini: I'll leave you to guess what plant this is. (For the record store.)

Yesterday's mini:
Ok, funny observation: These might go together. It wasn't intentional. ha! (I made the fish sandwich.)

July 10, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 3

Another photo in the 7 Days of Creativity posts, sharing my miniatures.

* See post 2.

Another scene from the Half Scale Country House:  (I also have a full page of photos up on my website.)

July 09, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity 2

A sneak peek at a couple more of my projects... I'm slowly, very sloooowly working on getting some older projects done now. The record store is still in progress... very close! It may change to a record and gift store though, You know how that goes...

7 Days of Creativity:

* See the first post.

Day 4, Today's Mini: Dress form

Was pretty happy how this came out. I painted the plastic dress form (Chrysnbon?) and glued the material to make the layered dress. The waist gathering was sewn. I added a dowel and base since I lost the original one. This is in the Ladies Shop in the cabinet. Here's a recent photo:

Yesterday's Mini:

Bedroom in the Half Scale Country House attic

July 06, 2020

#Miniatures 7 Days of Creativity

For fun, I'm sharing various projects as part of Seven Days of Creativity on Facebook. If you're not a friend there, (see my FB page), I'll repost the projects here as well.

Since I'm behind here, I'll share yesterday's as well to get caught up.

Day 1:  The chair is in my Half Scale Country House. (I made the chair from a Cassidy Creations kit. The dog was from a past swap.)

My friend Kitty made the kid dolls and the tiny bead dolls on the shelf. The books are from Lee Ann Borgia.