April 01, 2023

2023 A to Z Blog Challenge: Fairfield Dollhouse Attic


It's time for the annual A to Z Blog Challenge!  

The concept is simple - blogging for 26 days (except Sunday) from A to Z.

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I forgot about this, but saw it at the last minute, so I'm rushing to get things scheduled.

When I checked I last did this in 2015 and also in 2013, so I may rerun a few older posts since they'll be new to me - and to you- and they're on my favorite subject - dollhouse miniatures!

As I'm a big collector (no pun intended!), it's fun to go back and share older projects and new ones as well.

So for A:

Funny, as I jumped the gun the other day, not realizing this was coming up and posted  - two days ago!! - on Dollhouse Attics! So here's another look and be sure to check the link at left for more attic photos.

Portion of Fairfield attic

Fairfield attic sitting room 


I recently finished working on the half-scale (1/24th, 1/2" =1 foot) Fairfield dollhouse kit from Greenleaf. This was roughly a year-long project, with the kit house built by me and hubby, with me doing the designing, decorating, and renovating. I'm a DIY'er, so I make most of the furnishings from kits and make most of my own accessories and decor.

 I am still scheduling other posts and photos on rooms I haven't shared yet, too, so stay tuned!

You can see links to various parts of the house and the house exterior on the tab under the top banner, My Dollhouses. Other posts can be seen in the archives list in the left column. Click photos for full size.

 * Next: A to Z Letter B for Fairfield Boy's Room. (Live day of link- on Monday.)


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