December 15, 2014

Miniature Christmas Gifts

Some of the recent miniature gifts I got for Christmas from my friend Kitty in the Netherlands.,

December 10, 2014

Mini Treasures Advent Calendar

Today's my day up on the Mini Treasures Advent Calendar, always a fun venture!

Check out some of the new Christmas miniatures I set up in the Half Scale Country House... (You can also see some previous posts on this blog here and here  if you want to see more of the house.)

Merry Christmas!  

(Be sure to go back and see what other mini treasures come up the rest of the month at the Advent Calendar.)

December 01, 2014

AIM & Other Advent Calendars

Fun way to celebrate the holidays. Open some Advent Calendars (with miniatures) online!

The AIM (Artisans in Miniature) Advent Calendar offers some great mini projects to Christmas beginning today (Dec. 1). Go back each day to "open" a door... 

Here's another Advent Calendar:

Village Advent Calendar

Adding more Advent Calendars:

Tutorial Advent Calendar  - Spanish

French Tutorial Advent Calendar