April 28, 2018

Spring '18 Dollhouse Shows!

Wow didn't realize it's been awhile since I posted here.  Doesn't mean I haven't been working in miniature - of course I have! But I've also been busy writing and such, with a new Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter book out and book two also! (See website for details and cool covers!)

This blog, though, is where I talk and share MINIS! So, here's a look at a few things I found at the Spring Chicago-area shows (in Schaumburg, IL) and a few things I saw (and couldn't buy. ha!) (Click to see images full size.)

Love these kits from SDK Miniatures. I've been saving her Gothic items for my half scale Haunted House I plan to do. So, when I saw these online I had to have them! I didn't realize she'd be at The Miniature Show, so I saved myself some shipping! Aren't they great? The center kit is a half scale ivy kit.

I also found this cute Halloween set and decorated tree, both from Cindy's Minis. I had bout a chair/couch set and a small skirted table with parson's chairs from her before online.

An interesting set of iridescent "glass?" blocks I found at the Three Blind Mice Show. I got two packages as I thought they could be some kind of window or bath decoration when I do my half scale sea captain and mermaid house. Also found some plain frames and this pretty decorated frame, plus some other metal minis to paint from Mesh Miniatures. I want to use the frames for the spooky Halloween face pictures (that change from plain face to scary face.)

Yes I bought some other things I dosn't need to take photos of - a wood counter, some light sconces and glass chimneys, lots of "small"things. 

I did  find the NAME Day 2015 Window Shopping Kit that looked interesting to try, so I got one. Here are a few photos from an Omaha club's finished kits.   Here's a photo of an unfinished kit. (I got it for $10.) Now to decide how to finish it: Raggedy Ann or Halloween items? Hmmm.....

Now for some things at The Miniature Show that I didn't buy... Care to guess prices? ha!
Handmade leather vintage prams and bicycles.  I didn't write down prices but the prams are in the $300 range - bikes are in the $200 range.

 These are gorgeous hand-painted miniature oil paintings. 

I can't fault any prices on artwork. Joannes Landemann's amazing mini reproductions of 17th century Dutch masters were also on hand (which are in the $1,000 and up range. You have to see these to appreciate the work - see a selection on Pinterest.

Very nice handmade miniature leather chairs. ($365)

 Cool Steampunk-decoraated Tardis Box (Dr. Who)

Handmade dress and jacket outfits. 

Nice shabby furniture assortment.

I couldn't resist getting this tiny sailed ship for my sea captain's mantle.

So just a small selection of things I saw or bought. Good show! Always have fun there.