October 15, 2007

Fun Dog News - Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

I've come across an assortment of fun dog items that readers may get a kick out of. And a thought for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Dog's Best Friend - Dogs and cats are not always mortal enemies, at least not to this Golden Retreiver that decided to nurse a stray kitten. http://davesdaily.com/out.php?id=33253

Two-legged dog - I've heard of three-legged dogs, but wouldn't have thought a dog could get along like this if there wasn't a photo. This poor Chihuahua, found abandoned, is missing its two front legs. Funds are being raised for a doggie wheelchair. Oct. 10 posting at http://www.doggienews.com/

Petey's favorite - October is Adopt a Shelter Dog month. Petey, the fictional Dachshund in my upcoming book, Searching For A Starry Night, came from a shelter and highly recommends people bringing a shelter dog home.

A friend of mine in England has several dogs that she has adopted from shelters. At any given time she has at least three or four dogs at home. Her view is that the old or the ill deserve love, too.

This time, she chose a little Jack Russell Terrier who is old and nearly blind, as she says, " I can't think of her spending the rest of her life in a kennel and most people won't adopt an old dog." The other dog, a Springer Spaniel, had a skin condition and "was a mess," she says. Also unadoptable by most people's standards. The dog's condition is now cleared up, a lesson perhaps in judging by appearances.