January 31, 2016

New Miniature Finds!

Some new mini finds from Michael's that I thought would work great with the half scale garage:

The doghouse is only 1 1/2" high to the peak in the front. (Only $5 for the house and dog.)

I also found these two figures at Goodwill. Thought they were cute. The one half lady can be propped behind a counter or something. I guess that one is some kind of plant or shelf sitter. I'll have to make a pool for the other one! The seated lady is about 3 inches tall as seated, head to toe.

January 28, 2016

Half Scale Garage Update!

Remember the Half Scale Garage I started a while back? (See first photos).

It's still going along. Making some progress!

Might have to add some more trim to the side door, but that wall and the front are done. (Yes, missing a doorknob and curtain yet!)

Side wall: 

The back wall is a now attached and the paper clay foundation is ready to be painted. I'm using some items I had for another project. A counter is going under the shelf. It has a garden scene on front, but hey, this is a lady's garage! There will be some tools, of course.

Here's  the inside of the back wall with the art. (Art is also glued to mat board for dimension.)  I also shrunk down some photos of license plates and glued the strips to mat board. They're glossed with gloss varnish and glued to the dividing strip of wood. I colored the edges with black Sharpie marker before gluing them down. (Ignore that piece of Styrofoam (TM)  that got stuck on the wall for the moment!)

Full interior - floor is painted and glossed.

Below - outside foundation ready for painting, then adding wood strips. Wood strips have to be added to other side yet as well.  

I like the results but hate doing it! Stay tuned, more updates coming!! 

January 26, 2016

Congrats to Joanna - HBS Mini Honorable Mention!

Congrats to fellow miniaturist and writer Joanna Campbell Slan, whose mini project, "Big Wave Dave's Surf Shop" got an honorable mention in the 22nd annual HBS Creatin' Contest. See the winners and entries here. Friend her on Facebook to see a few more pix of her project.

She did a great job - loved all the accents and the colors!! Way to go!

January 21, 2016

HS Victorian Dollhouse Curtains

It's curtains! Well, almost.

An example of a decorating dilemma for the Half Scale Victorian House. (see beginning pix).

There are 10 windows in the tower, so when I made some curtains and put one in.... argh! I realized they should be longer. 

Well... no way was I remaking the nine I had already done. So, how to fix this? Time for some clever piecing except I didn't really like the solution I came up with. The hearts didn't really fit (but I may use them for the girl's bedroom if I do one.) Cute, but too cutesy for here. Back to the drawing board.

I never seem to find a solution the first time. Oh, no. It has to be, let's see, about four different tries... Then a friend on Facebook suggested some beads. No, not right, but the color gave me an idea.

I found the lace bag I should've looked in the first time and found a dark maroon lace. Folded over and glued, it works to look like a tie. Not perfect, but I think a better solution in keeping with the room style.

So, on to finishing them. Have to get the rest of the trim in first, which is kind of tricky. This really should have been done before it was built. Oh, well.

Then on to the next problem... because I know there'll be one or two, or...

How's your project going????

January 15, 2016

New Angie Scarr Miniature Clay Food Books

This is a great idea! Angie Scarr has a new collection out of her miniatures magazine food-making series!  Great that it's all in one place.

Print copies on her website. (10 pounds plus shipping; about $14 US)

Kindle ebook compilation: Angie Scarr: Miniature Challenges Parts 1 & 2: Magazine Articles 2000-2005 In Polymer Clay

January 10, 2016

Half Scale Country Victorian Dollhouse

This is a house that was started a loooong time ago, I'm guessing at least 10 or more years ago! We're working on it again. 

I believe it started out as a Country or Colonial Dollhouse kit, and then we added on to it  (the end tower) to have more rooms. It's not perfect construction as it was started so long ago, but we'll see how we can fix some mistakes now.

We sanded the front to diminish some of the lines between the siding. It's being repainted a vintage yellow  (Martha Stewart chalk paint Tomatillo - not shown here) with more of a greenish tone.

A few photos of the rooms papered so far.
First floor: from left, kitchen, (below)  (hall - not shown), dining room and parlor.

 Dining room - below. I'm resanding and restaining the floor.

Got the windows in - so far. Color still a little hard to tell... The windows originally were all cream with a lilac line inside... too light so I repainted them. The inner frames will be a matching green in the tower area.

Parlor and tower (plants) room. 

Giant wall fireplace in parlor, Own design and handmade.