January 10, 2016

Half Scale Country Victorian Dollhouse

This is a house that was started a loooong time ago, I'm guessing at least 10 or more years ago! We're working on it again. 

I believe it started out as a Country or Colonial Dollhouse kit, and then we added on to it  (the end tower) to have more rooms. It's not perfect construction as it was started so long ago, but we'll see how we can fix some mistakes now.

We sanded the front to diminish some of the lines between the siding. It's being repainted a vintage yellow  (Martha Stewart chalk paint Tomatillo - not shown here) with more of a greenish tone.

A few photos of the rooms papered so far.
First floor: from left, kitchen, (below)  (hall - not shown), dining room and parlor.

 Dining room - below. I'm resanding and restaining the floor.

Got the windows in - so far. Color still a little hard to tell... The windows originally were all cream with a lilac line inside... too light so I repainted them. The inner frames will be a matching green in the tower area.

Parlor and tower (plants) room. 

Giant wall fireplace in parlor, Own design and handmade.

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