March 28, 2014

Update-Half Scale Dollhouse and Kits

I've been remiss on doing updates lately, though I have been posting pix on my Facebook page. Come friend me if you're on there! Or check out other minis on my website.

So... a little update on a few things I've made lately for the Half Scale Country House.  I guess maybe I haven't shared this house here yet. I'd bought it half-finished, it sat for a while and slowly the idea formed. I painted the interior dark paneling ivory and recently made a staircase for it. Here are a few other things I've been making also. It's going to be a country house for a little old lady, so kind of lived in and comfortable, nothing fancy.

I filled in windows and centered the top two as I wanted wall space. It's going be stucco and stone outside.

I'm adding on a pantry/shed/bathroom. This is the front wall.

Side wall of shed/pantry/bath.

Old-fashioned sink kit -Kit from Petite Properties.  UK (Love their kits made of hard card like mat board. I have several to make for this kitchen. I have to figure out an old monitor-style fridge since no one has a kit with an opening door.

And hutch I made.