October 31, 2022

Happy #Halloween in #Miniature! 2022


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It's time to PARTY! Ah, this time, cook set out some great treats for the celebration. (Treats I made for my Haunted House. See webpage for more photos)

Looks like almost everyone has gathered for the big party! (Go back to Day 1.)

Over the years, we've had some fantastic guests, and we just had to invite them back again for the big shindig!

Why, is that...? Yes, it's Frank! He prefers Frankie these days to kind of get away from the bad association with Dr. F. (Hand-sculpted figures by artist Sharon Cariola. Checkout her latest Dr. F on her page at the link above.)

Why look who he's talking to! Grandpa Munster! (Also by Sharon Cariola.) Hmm, the centuries-old coot Count seems to be putting on some airs, I see, with his latest movie role. (If you haven't seen The Munsters movie by Rob Zombie on Netflix, it's a lot of campy fun!)

The Skellie Sisters are keeping to themselves, I see. Go ahead and say hello. They're rather shy since they've ventured away from the boneyard, but they'll probably enjoy the company. 

(Be sure to check out Patricia Paul's other work here. Also check out some tutorials and Haunted Housewares at her Etsy shop.)

The Zombies (sorry, not the music group. I know not everyone will get that reference. ha!) decided that the party was good enough to crash! (Hand-made, half-scale - 1/24th zombies by UK artist Lisa Tabbanor. See more of her work on Etsy.) 

Well, it's almost midnight in monster-land. The witching hour is near, so time for the party to wind down. (Oh, it won't end. Those in the know will gather out at the cemetery for more rabble-rousing! You never know who will pop up there! haa!) 

(Cemetery from my Halloween scene.) * Visit some of the other cemeteries in the 2019 post.

That's it! 

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* Thanks for visiting again for this shortened Halloween in Miniature event!

Hope to see you next year!

October 30, 2022

#Halloween in #Miniature 2022 Favorites 2

 While everyone is recuperating from the refreshments. (sorry we'll have to talk to Lydia about whatever she added to the wine!), let's make some other stops. (* Back to Day 1)

I see they've done some redecorating in the living room. Don't worry, you can sit down. The vultures won't hurt you. Just don't die, alright? (Vulture sofa from MayhemMagicAndMe on Etsy.)

Oh, a Halloween shop! Let's stop in, shall we? 

I love Halloween so I'm usually making a new project or thinking up something new. (Click photos for full size.)

One of my recent favorites was creating this Halloween store in one of the Houseworks Street of Shops buildings. Here's the previous post with more photos. The fun witch hats are from Kat Hazelton, Kat the Hat Lady in the UK. * Here's day 1 of the 2021 Halloween in Miniature event.

My Dutch friend Kitty made most of the teapots. The coffin bookshelf is full of Stephen King books, of course.

I also did a Witch's Greenhouse some time ago. 

What? Hungry again? You mean Lydia didn't get enough desserts out? No bones about it, that woman has to be the worst help we've ever dug up! (Cemetery in front of my Halloween display.) 

Finally, some food! Do you think this will be enough for now? (See more Halloween treats on the 2020 post.) My Halloween table, 2018 Year in Miniature.

Uh-oh. Oops, sorry. Just brush the spiders away. They won't bite. Really. Heh-heh. Spiders by another favorite maker of horror minis, Georgia Marfels of Germany. 

See more of her work at her Etsy shop.

I think we've had enough excitement this stop, don't you? Come back tomorrow for the HALLOWEEN PARTY and see who showed up!

- Christine Verstraete. Minis, books & more at mwebsite, www.cverstraete.com, 

* Next: Day 3: Happy Halloween! * 

(Link active on next day of event.)

(Pumpkins: pixabay.com)

October 29, 2022

#Halloween in #Miniature 2022: The Faves


 It's that favorite spooky time of year again. Halloween  - and yes, In Miniature!

This year, I decided to make things easy on myself and share a few new items I've come across along with some of the old favorites. I have 10+ years worth of posts, so there's plenty to pick from! (NOTE: There are too many pages in the blog to go back and fix all the old links, especially early on, so beware as some may be outdated.) See the top tab for more links.

Our hostess, Miss Lydia, says she wouldn't mind being in charge again as her leg still aches from the last time we twisted it to convince her. Heh-heh

To start, she says you should know, or maybe it's a warning?, that we've had some interesting, er, characters on the blog over the years. Now don't take offense and get your nose in a knot and... (Never mind, again. She sure seems fixated on body parts for some reason...) 

Anyway,  she  says it's not meant in a bad way, except in a good Halloween sense, of course. Huh? Oh, never mind.

Before we start our journey, let's get some refreshments, shall we? Wouldn't want our guests passing out and falling in the graveyard, would we? (Hey, c'mon now. We don't need to get any new bodies that way!)

Sorry... the graveyard assistant is rather, uh, ambitious about his job! Yeah, he'll take 'em any way he can get 'em! Look, you gotta put up with my bad Halloween puns and humor. It's only once a year! haaa! 😉

So... grab a glass of the house wine. A toast! To another year! Mmm, nice. Even after all these years, it still has a bit of a kick, doesn't it?


 Oh, dear, oh dear. Miss Lydia! Please... let's not get our guests tipsy already! Don't you have some food to serve? (So hard to get good help when you have to keep digging them up...) I hope we're not too late with the edibles as the guests seem to already be "Dancing in the Moonlight." (Witch by and in memory of the late Gina Gagnon of Lone Wolf Mini Creations.)

Why even the zombie are getting into the music. What's playing? What else, but The Monster Mash! haa! (New half scale, 1/24th zombies by UK artist Lisa Tabbanor. 
See more of her work on Etsy.)

This guy even likes to sing along! haa!

A gift: you can download a sheet of Halloween record albums at my website minis page, under the printies section.  (Personal use only. Do not repost pdf or resell.)

Ah... here we are. Now, doesn't that look yummy? IGMA Fellow Kiva Atkinson offered a whole bunch of goodies here in 2010 and see more on her blog. 

Boy, that sure hit the spot. So... shall we continue?

Going way, way back in the Skellie Town time machine, let's see what happened at the beginning when I first started this journey. 

Why, there's talk that a new shop's opened up. Just appeared, kind of like that shop in
Needless Things, you think? Nah... Those who've stopped by say that Bonerella's Custom Millinery is quite the place to get the latest, and to see and be seen. Hear she has quite the tale to tell, too. Oh, and let her landlady Wanna in El Paso know that we sent ya! (Be sure to look around as she's got quite a few fun stories and creations on her site.) 

* Time for a break. Let's have a cup of punch before our next stop, shall we? (Punch by Patricia Paul)

   Oh, and while you're resting, be sure to read the Halloween party story, "Superstition" by Carola Dunn from 2020. (The story continues here at part 2.) 

-- Christine Verstraete. Minis, books & more at mwebsite, www.cverstraete.com, 

 * On to Day 2 *
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October 22, 2022

#Halloween Half Scale Swaps


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, especially when it comes to decorating the dollhouses.

For fun, for the first time, I joined in the Halloween swap between members of the Half Scale Miniatures group on Facebook. I couldn't resist!

My swap partner Randi sent along an assortment of items in this chained coffin case. I cracked up when I saw that face pie as I'd seen the larger ones online and had thought of making one! I "saved face" by not trying it (haa!) - yet -  since she did a great job! 

She included this fun sign, bottle, ouija board and wreath, too. All will come in handy!

I made this grouping below for my swap partner Yarrow. It was fun deciding what to make!

Loved making the little chair and table, so I made another set for myself (below). I've made these easy chairs before from a pattern by Terri, admin of the FB Half Scale Group. 

I measured the table from one I already had. Simple to make by covering a 1.5" high large dowel rod, then covering the top with a circle of fabric; glue the tablecloth folds in by quarters. The footstool is made from sections of a foam "bead" I got a while back from The Dollar Tree. I also have square and heart shapes. They make great footstools by folding and gluing the fabric, then edging it with Bunka thread. 

I'm adding items into the Fairfield for Halloween. I'll show pix soon. Almost finished decorating the main bedroom. Wait'll you see the bed I made! 

Thanks for visiting again. See you next time!


October 18, 2022

#Fairfield #Dollhouse: The Latest, Again

Photo: Exterior first floor porch, left is the former door, back of kitchen wall. 

Waiting to put the posts and railings until I'm done with any outside trim. I don't want to lay the house down again once they're installed. Yeah, I know, have to add the top on the light. ha!

 (Click photos for full size.)

Just a few photos of the latest things finished. 

Porch/kitchen wall:  My makeover of the wall is done! Lucky, lucky me! I held off on putting brick paper on the kitchen wall as maybe, just maybe, I had a piece of the orange paper left.

Yay! I'd looked everywhere and finally looked in this other box and found one piece big enough for that wall! See last updateupdate 2. The brick would've been fine, but I wanted it to match. So, now that is done! Luckily it's such a busy pattern that you can't tell where I patched it. Next time, I'll make some of the kitchen kits and see how things look and where to put them. I just love these prints!



Much better! Now I have another wall to use. The room really didn't need two entrances. 

Top porch: So far - I decided after all to use the floor pieces I'd previously cut and painted to match the bottom porch. Figured it looked best the same color. I decided to go with the lighter color corner trim to match the windows and door trim. Glued the posts, but I'll add the railings once I'm done gluing them together. Have to finish trim on porch and top once the cupola is added since I have to measure the pieces to fit. 

Bedroom: For fun, maybe I'll leave the pumpkin in the girl's room fireplace for now. 😃

Have to add some grates in the other fireplaces yet. Found some neat pieces to use.

Dining room: Got the curtains in. Love how this looks. I used a sparkly web-like ribbon for shades and made valances also in a monochrome tone. I made them by folding the strips to make small pleats. I also have the bedroom curtains made but have to glue them in yet.

As I showed earlier, the adjoining living room on the left side (below) is in similar black/white tones and also uses the same striped paper. I really like these rooms. Planning the color theme is the best part, next to decorating and filling the rooms, of course! In case I didn't mention, I use all scrapbook papers as I can get a good variety and the papers are usually heavier. Plus, I can pick them up at Hobby Lobby or Michael's if I need more.

That's it for now! Thanks for visiting again. More photos will be coming - and Halloween in Miniature is coming up so be sure to subscribe for updates (box in left column) and come back soon!

October 03, 2022

#Fairfield #Dollhouse Uh-oh. Chhhhanges!

 Time for a good laugh. You'll like this one.

So I was making progress. Besides the last update - and the changes. I was getting ready to do the top porch and glue the posts on the first floor porch. Then the contractor (yours truly) fixed a flaw in the kitchen floor (and might still have to do another patch) and glued the bottom kitchen bay window section on (see above). I also got that side's brick done. The brick and trim still have to be added onto the bay.  (sorry for the crooked photo.)

Kitchen inside: the shades look nice, don't they?

Glad that's done. The bay's all trimmed inside, but.... Wait a minute. What happened to the door moldings and baseboard pieces?


The homeowner, you see, started testing how things would look and while the thought had come to her before, she wondered.... why do I need a second door in front? That wall would surely add much-needed space to the kitchen... And it would also give me more decorating space on the porch...

Door into kitchen at left; main door opening into hall at right.

Above: The door to the kitchen (right) and main front door (in hall left with staircase,) leading into kitchen. The back of the staircase is in the kitchen. See what I mean? What a waste of space!


This happened. Haaaa! 

Added NOTE: Even funnier, someone mentioned they'd done that to their house and others did too. I looked at a lot of photos early on and just didn't notice it! haaa!

Honestly, I think this wall is cursed. (Maybe I should've made it into a haunted house! haa!) I redid it twice when I shorted out the light and moved a new light to the other wall. I got the wall sided (again) and the door in, but the kitchen layout still bugged me. Lesson here: figure this stuff out in the building stage, not later (like me.)

So... I had put the trim in the kitchen and thought I'd glued the door in and realized I hadn't. Lucky for me as the door popped right out. The trim all came off easy, too. While the exterior siding was glued good enough not to fall off, I had to dig a bit but finally got it off. 

Fortunately this isn't a major fix. I'll redo the siding (third times a charm!) and then redo the inside wall. The problem is I may not have more of the orange floral paper but I think the brick will look good here instead. And since the wall is bricked outside on top, it'll seem like the homeowner sided over it on the bottom outside but left it as is on the inside. Problem solved! 

And yeah the light probably would look better on the new wall (in the original space!) Never mind. I'll put a wall plant holder or something on that side. I kind of like that idea. Maybe make a cozy reading space...

Then I can finish that porch. Really. I will try not to find anything else that bugs me. haa!

Until next time.... Thanks for visiting!