October 22, 2009

Halloween in Miniature 3: Meet the Skellies!

Welcome back! Are you having fun? This 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature is a great party, isn't it? Please, be sure to help yourself to some food and drinks. You can check in at the start of the party here.

Today, I thought I'd introduce you to some of our special guests. The Skellies are our most prominent family. They have branches in all walks of life and in a variety of professions. They sure get around!

Like all families, there's the good, the bad, and well, you know, there are those "other" cousins...

Looks like Cousin Mel (pictured above) got himself a new job walking around with a sandwich board at the Halloween Shop at April Gill's Wildwood Dollhouses. We told April, that well, Mel's you know, kind of unreliable, but she says one of those potions he's advertising seems to have fixed his problem! That's certainly good news!

Miss Lydia, for one, is certainly glad to hear that Mel's straightened himself out. (Skeleton by Chris Verstraete.)

She was just telling her friend, Bonerella, that when they last met for tea.

Bonerella, by the way, runs a right fashionable millinery shop, so says her creator Wanna in El Paso. (Wanna's quite the storyteller in her own right, so be sure to check out her pages!)

Miss Lydia says she loves the new hats Bonerella and her charming pet Harriet are wearing these days, and to please set a few aside for her to try on!

Then there's Uncle Ferdinand. He has this habit of traipsing around town all dressed up, and well, he keeps tripping on those long-tailed coats he insists on wearing.

Last time, he landed right on one of the graves in the cemetery and his wife Gertrude told everyone to leave him there she was so embarrassed! (Skeleton by Nancy Cronin. Be sure to come back to see her hand-sculpted witches!)

Oh, but don't let Gertrude fool you. The talk around town is she's sure got some "skeletons" in her own closet to cover up.

Like this old photo that someone "dug up" of her and that scruffy Jack Jonas. Folks been talkin' that there's a lot more going on here than meets the eye. (If they had any eyes left, that is!)(Skeletons by Chris V.)

Hope you enjoyed meeting some of the guests. Be sure to come back tomorrow to meet some others!

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  1. Christine, you amaze me! Love the sandwich board, Cousin Mel, right??


  2. Lovely family , I love them all to bits !


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