October 04, 2009

A Blog A Day.... NaBloWriMo

Figured I already had a lot of posts scheduled for this month, so I'll be joining a bunch of other bloggers this month for the daily NaBloWriMo blog.

This is a take-off on the annual NaNoWriMo each November where writers finish a novel in a month.

Instead, the NaBloWriMo group will be doing a blog a day all October. And I already have my novel almost done (almost if I can get the last 65 pages done! Nudges, nags and questions are welcomed!)

So stop by each day and see what's blogging! Some events are in the upcoming guests list in the right column. Be sure to check out the other participating blogs also!

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Just stopping by PS and glad that I got to read this post too! I've never heard of this - something new for me!

    Love your puppy dog in your PS post!



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