October 21, 2009

Halloween in Miniature 2: Fern's Fun Halloween Foods!

The party for the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature is in full swing! Glad you could stop by!

Did you get some wine and goodies? Be sure to introduce yourself - the party starts here.

Today, let's sample some of Fern's fabulous Halloween goodies. Fern makes an assortment of fun miniature scenes and clay miniatures. See her work at her website.

Fern's latest project is a fun Halloween book scene. You can use a paper mache book, or some people use the outside cover of a real book as the backdrop for their scene.

Fern used a fun, colorful book, GHOULISH GOODIES, A Frightful Cookbook, as the background for her scene. (I saw it at Borders. Cute Book!) She glued the pages together to make the book sturdy enough to use for the two walls.

The party tables are held up by a skeleton body (Resin/plastic skeletons. You can get a string of four at the dollar store. Michael's also had some for $4.99.)

Love the floor! Fern used foam core board which she painted black and cut in a zig zag pattern, then covered it with scrapbook paper, leaving some of the black edge showing.

The darling little girl dressed in her party finery is by Deborah McCain (Whispers in the Woods).

So, What's to Eat?

Don't want you to go hungry! Fern made a great assortment of fun party foods. The choices? Yummy!

Table 1: Caramel apples, eyeball drops and black jellybeans, three-layer cake, spiderweb tea pot, fancy orange iced cupcakes, bat turnovers, candy apples, candy corn, Halloween layered squares, candy bars and lollipops.

Table 2:
Pumpkin cookies, mini Halloween cake and a Halloween gingerbread house in progress. Fern, thanks for sharing your Halloween goodies!

** See fun Halloween cake recipes.

** Make a (full-size) Halloween gingerbread house.

** Next: Day 3 - Meet some guests - Meet the Skellies!



  1. what a fun scene!! I love the book as the walls- very clever! The 12 days of Halloween party is great- I'll be back tomorrow for more goodies!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Fern's website. WONDERFUL

    She did a great job on that entire book scene.


  3. Yummy! You know this one appealed to the Foodie in me!!! Another fantastic post, Chris. Love all the pics you include and what festive fun!

  4. Lovely scene! And there I see the teapot I made so long ago!

  5. That cake and gingerbread house are the best! All the elements come together to capture the Halloween party scene perfectly.


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