October 09, 2009

October is National Dollhouse Miniatures Month

I surely want to tout my favorite hobby since October is National Dollhouse Miniatures Month. (Pictured: My wizard dog)

I've been collecting for more than a decade and unlike some things, I still haven't tired of miniatures. My problem now is not finishing things!

If you haven't seen it, take a look at my collection at the Verstraete Miniatures Gallery

The nice thing about the hobby is you can try all kinds of crafts: dressing miniature dolls, painting, decoupage, clay modeling, and more.

Here are some sites with fun easy projects. Try one! And have a look around. Maybe you'll get inspired!

* Misshelly's Zoo has some fun how-to projects like making your own craft table and scrapbook scene.

* Ha! Check this out: These miniature clay dolls sing! Beware they sound like mice on speed, but they're cute - and animated!

* Check out Jim's site for the best selection of dollhouse printables (printies).

* I also have two pages of miniature book printies on my website.

Have fun!

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