Mini Projects & A to Z Mini a Day

* Visit my website miniatures page. (Photo: book printies, see website)

** Blogging A to Z 2020 - Daily miniatures posts

Start here at Day 1. This includes a list of all the links. 

** Blogging A to Z 2015 Links -  A Mini A Day **

A- apples  B-Barbecue   C- Cake  D- Dollhouse (Half Scale Country House exterior)

E- Dollhouse Exterior 2    F- Mini Food       G- Mini Groceries (half scale pantry wall)

H-  Half Scale Dollhouse          I - Illustrations (art)         J- Just Mini (a few faves)

K- Half Scale Kitchen   L-                                M- Mini Mixer

N-                                             O-                                     P- Potting Shed

Q-   Quiet - Half Scale bedroom        R-  Mini Rabbits            S - Half Scale Dollhouse Sitting Room

T-     (Half Scale) Mini Table Set                      U-                                        V- Victorian room

W-                                        X-                                         Y- Yankee (candles)


Some of my Miniature Projects:

** NEW:**
* Tudor Tea Shoppe additions - Queen's 60th Anniversary, William and Kate minis

* Miniature dress 1 (yellow); dress 2, hat and bag (black and pink)

* Plants and furnishings in the Glass House

* Miniature Witch's Greenhouse (Photo: Greenhouse window)