April 01, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - Day 1 Apples

 * Today is the first day - Letter A - of the daily A to Z Blog Challenge * 

(See calendar at end of post for the days and letters.)

I'm going to share some of my minis, hopefully new things you haven't seen. I've been working on my Half Scale Country House. (See previous photos.)  It's nearly done though I'm still adding new things. (I will share the latest pix for Day 4, letter D).

I haven't done a full house in a while, so it's fun to get as much detail in as you can. 

A is for... 

Apples! An apple a day doesn't keep the miniaturist away. ha!

These are in half scale (1/2" = 1 foot) and made by a member of the Half Scale Yahoo Group. I got them in one of the annual swaps.  (Of course they could be green tomatoes too, I suppose.)


   * More minis, profiles, photos and how to projects -
 In Miniature Style II - print, ebook, PDF

 ** Go to:  Letter B

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