October 14, 2014

Recent Half Scale Dollhouse Updates

It's been a while since I posted some photos though I have been sharing them on Facebook so friend me there too! 

Past posts:  (See  house Trimmed -  Lights -  First pix/pantry/hutch)

Some recent updates: 

The biggest change is I now have the shed attached and the wood siding is almost done. It's starting to look how I wanted. Funny as it probably cost as much (if not more) to do the individual wood sticks but I wanted that look instead of siding. I painted it two-tone, rust brown with a leaf green over it.

 I have a few more pieces of wood to put on since this photo and then I have to do the roof. It will be held on with sticky dots so I can remove it if needed. I also have window boxes with multi-colored flowers and shutters to add to all the windows. I"m now working on the stone foundation.

Various flowers I made.

The bed is from a past Half Scale Yahoo group annual swap. It was stained so I painted it my matching green, added some art to the front and footboard, and made the sheets and top. The toy dog was a swap gift too. I also cut the posts down slightly.

Inside shell main wall. It is a pantry, bath and laundry area. I made the potatoes from white Model Magic air dry clay, painted and then sprayed them with a matte sealer. The walls are all stucco (lightweight spackle) that I tinted slightly and painted over with tan paint.

Side inner wall of shed. The toilet roll is made by gluing part of a napkin around a long bead that is indented in the center. I made the toilet paper by wrapping paper around  a smaller size pony bead and adding a label. The sweater (which I wanted to look old and worn out) was cut from an old shirt to the shape, sleeves glued on top each other and seed bead buttons added. I shaped the hanger from a piece of cloth covered wire painted silver.

Vanity made from a children's kit from SDK Miniatures. I had to cut a new lower back to make it talle and made it narrower to fit the space on the bedroom wall. It's covered with the provided wallpaper which I added a layer of Modge Podge. The bottom lace is pre-pleated narrow lace, which was perfect. There is braided trim on the edges. The bows were made with Bunka. 

Really happy with how this is turning out.
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