October 27, 2014

Halloween in Miniature 2014-Welcome!

Welcome to Halloween in Miniature 2014

Wow, it's hard to believe I've been doing this event since 2009! Where does time go? (Yeah, it flies - on bat wings! ha-ha!) Be sure to check the Mini Holidays page tab on top of the blog and check out previous years. Lots of good spooky mini stuff and some short profiles, too.

On each day of the tour, come along and enjoy some amazing spooky work in miniature from some of my favorite artisans! And be sure to check out some spooky reads, too! What's Halloween without a scary story or two? Enjoy! Chris Verstraete

Check your clock?

Time is running out!

Well, on this tour, we're on a different time schedule. Boo-time. haa!
 (Hey, no one said the jokes would be great!)

So, come on in. Go ahead, knock on the door. Don't be afraid...heh-heh-heh...

 To start the tour, please let Witch Ewelina check your ID's. Have to be careful who we allow to enter, you know. We don't want any trolls sneaking in! 

(Witch-Ewelina Hasnik of  Ewelina's Amazing Clay World has been making dolls and other figures, including some very realistic dogs and pets  for the past year and calls it "her passion.")

Hey, no pushing back there! No need to push a head in line... heh heh. There's plenty of time to see it all...

First, let's have a drink, shall we? The hostess insist on the house wine. (A little old, I know, she trots it out year after year, but it supposedly has a kick "to die for." heh-heh. Humor me.)

(Head and wine - C. Verstraete - See my miniature haunted house)  

Step lively now. We want everyone to come in and enjoy the party.  There's plenty of food and drinks, and....

Wait....what was that? Did you see anything? I swore something moved... (or was it that wine? Wow!) Come back tomorrow to learn more...

** Miniature Halloween Project: Free spooky mortuary printie labels ** 

 ** Day 2. Next: The Parlor **


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