April 10, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - I is for Illustrations

* Today is Letter I of the daily A to Z Blog Challenge *

I is for... 


Well... a few of these letters made me put my thinking cap on. ha!

The part "I" like most about building dollhouses is the decorating and setting up house! 

A house isn't a home, of course, without art and pictures to cover the walls.

Here's some of the art I used inside the Half Scale Country House  (I used most though I had to cut down the size of the hydrangea. I still love the bouquet but couldn't fit it in. I'll use it in another house.) Yes those are real postcards shrunk down. 

And the screen is an adaptation of the pattern in my book,   In Miniature Style II- this time a spring style using vintage seed packet illustrations. I used lace between the panels as dividers. This is in the larger, standard 1 inch scale (1" = 1 ft.)

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