April 07, 2015

A to Z Blog Challenge - F for Miniature Food

* Today is day 6  - Letter F - of the daily A to Z Blog Challenge * 

What else? but...

F is for... 

Miniature Food. 

One of the most fun parts of miniatures, I think, is how real some of the food can look.  A few pieces from my collection. I made the food. Directions are in my book,  In Miniature Style II for the burgers, hot dogs and potato salad. Believe me, there are others who make food waaay better than mine!

For fun, check out some of the amazing, realistic food made by PetitPlat, Kiva Atkinson  and Angie Scarr, to name a few. (Angie has a bunch of how to videos at the link.)

Talk about real looking!

   * More minis, profiles, photos and how to projects  - 
  In Miniature Style II - print, ebook, PDF
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