October 27, 2020

#Halloween in #Miniature 2020: Start the Party! Spooky Dollhouse Foods

 Welcome to this year's HALLOWEEN IN MINIATURE.

Let's start the party!! This year, I'm including
 something different - a fun selection of Halloween stories by other authors, along with the Halloween minis, so be sure to stop by each day!

First our untiring hostess Mrs. Skellie is going to serve up a selection of tasty, (er, never mind the look of some!) Halloween foods and drinks to whet your appetite. Then we'll commence our tour!

Cook Esmeralda... (yeah we had to fire the other one from last year, too many fingers in the food... Heh-heh. Uh-oh! Looks like the new cook's found the 4 and 20 blackbirds...Maybe we better skip that pie

Anyway, Cook has whipped up an assortment of delectables so I hope you didn't leave your appetite at home!

So, eat and drink for tomorrow... oh sorry, that's another story. 

Tomorrow, we'll open the library for some spooky Halloween stories and Halloween miniatures so be sure to return! -- Christine Verstraete

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👻 Go to Day 2's Halloween story (Link not active until day of post.)

First off, let's have a drink shall we? Matilda (we demoted her to waitress but she doesn't seem to mind. Mrs. Skellie has to to keep an eye on her (well, that's where it went!) for sampling the guests' food.) You can't miss with the house wine. It has a kick to it, I hear. (C. Verstraete)

 "Cook? Eh, the woman is deaf... I'll take a peek and see what she's cooking. Oh, shhh! Looks like something's in progress. We better let her be!" (Creepy food, Patricia Paul)

"Besides, you know how cooks can get testy. You don't want to know what happened to the last guest...  haaa! Hey, something smells good... Oh, she's got stew on the stove! Mmm!"  (From My Craft Crypt on Etsy)

"Eat up, then we can have some dessert and there's some good stuff that's to die for! I'd say nothing's better than some fresh pumpkin pie, don't you agree?" (The Dainty House on Etsy) 

"Or how about a delicious cheesecake? This looks ready to eat! (From Ana Christina Novo - Tiny Delights on Etsy.)

For those with a sweet tooth, we've got a cute selection of Halloween cakes on Ebay from Thailand. 

Gotta be something here that'll grab ya, right? haa! (New Octopus, Patricia Paul)

🎃 BONUS! If you want to make your own candy display, Patricia Paul has a cute selection of  fun candy wrapper printies. - PatriciaPaulStudio on Etsy. (Pssst - sign up for her newsletter on her website and get a free printie book covers PDF.)

🎃 Finally, here are some great Halloween food ideas from Sweets of My Own

👀 Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day 2 - and more Halloween minis and stories!

** Finally!! I've been working on a new short, fun edition of my book, In Miniature Style -- for Halloween! This features a selection of some items I enjoy making. And yes, these patterns can be changed, of course, for other holidays or for every day! Here's a preview pic as I work on the layout! It will be available in ebook and print. (Print is US shipping only.) Stay tuned for pricing and link, check at the website. 
 (* I'm trying to get it done so... keep checking the blog each day, too!) 

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** For FUN: A contest! Yes, I made a fun creepy fence with these cool monster faces I got. It's a plastic bookmark or something! Two winners! One winner will get a fence section and an extra creepy guy for your haunted house! One winner will get two creepy guys! Sorry, this is US shipping only. (sorry - the rafflecopter messed up so had to redo it. please re-enter.)

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