September 26, 2022

#Fairfield #Dollhouse Furniture & Porch

(Chantilly haunted house on left.) Click photos for full  size.

The Porch:

Not done yet, but one of the things I'd been putting off was figuring out the porch railings on the half-scale Fairfield dollhouse. Always worried I'll cut them wrong or something, I guess. I had some flat railing pieces I didn't use from the recently finished half-scale Van Buren haunted house (which I still have to furnish on the inside), but wasn't too keen on them. I thought of using plastic railing, but I didn't want to buy more and the ones I had were too big.

I'd bought these "wrought iron" chipboard fence pieces before from Alpha Stamps. I'd cut the top row off and used it on the balcony of my other Greenleaf Chantilly Haunted House. (See part of the railing in the top house photo at left.) 

I cut the railing pieces to 1" height (they're 2" high) and used half glued into the wood railing channel pieces. I hate to show things unfinished but I was so happy with how these will look. I wanted a more delicate-looking railing so these work out great. You know how it is when you have something in mind and that's the only thing you want? ha! 

The whole railing piece will be painted black, which will go nice with the black trim. I also have to finish painting the porch posts; decided to add the porch floor color on them, too. The railing on the top porch will be slightly different and may use the pieces that are a bit shorter, but they'll look about the same as the other wood rails are a bit thicker. I want to  use what I have and it all will look similar enough. That floor will be a different color anyway. Leaning toward the worn wood look so far, but I may change my mind, of course!

Playing Around: 

 Got the Tootsietoy furniture pieces I bought so was doing some positioning. I think these will work well in the rooms once they are re-painted. The other pieces should fit in the front hall and maybe upstairs and in the dining room, too  (See previous house update here.) 

I like using this table instead of a nightstand in the main bedroom, I think. We'll see how it all fits in.

Also wanted to share this cute fabric I just found at WalMart. I'll have to use it somewhere. Loved the dog print! I just might use part of the dog print in the girl's room. 

That's it for the moment! I'll share more once the porch pieces are painted and installed. Then I'll be also adding the second floor ceiling/third floor and working on those rooms next.  Onward!

Thanks again for visiting!