September 23, 2022

#Fairfield #Dollhouse Rooms: Update!

Exterior: Starting to look like a house! Yes, I have to add siding pieces and trim around the bay section yet. Working on top porch, deciding on color, and what to use for the railings. Have to add black trim on tower plus put in attic windows and stained glass. Deciding on finish for stairs. I'm also thinking of making a few flower boxes for some windows. I think that'll be a nice touch.

(Click photos for full size.)

Still working on the Fairfield Dollhouse, but there's a lot of progress, even if I've been slow posting on it. (See last update.)

Still plenty to do on the outside. That's why this takes so long. ha! I really don't like the trim work. I like the decorating and picking the colors, etc. but it has to be done.

Inside: I already showed the first floor on the previous post. (Link above.) Once I do a final adjustment in the kitchen I'll attach the kitchen alcove and the first floor will be finished. Now the second floor:

Hall and tower room: I have to add the small back wall (leans on the roof) on the tower once the third floor/second floor ceiling is added. The tower uses scrapbook paper with handwriting on it. I left out the third floor there to make a tall ceiling room. The ceilings for this floor are papered; I just have to glue on the ceiling light fixtures. It took some fitting and cutting to get that room to fit next to the window!

The staircase rail enclosure was made using pieces cut from those wooden Chinese fans. I've used those in all three of my houses since they always turn out nice. Once the floor is in, I'll finish painting the spiral staircase and install that next to the small light on the right wall. 

Hall: The bath is just large enough to fit the ceramic tub and toilet (set originally from Hobby Lobby), and an old Mattel Littles pedestal sink. I lost the toilet seat so made a new one from Model Magic clay and painted a piece of wood for the cover. I added a small scrap of wood painted silver for a handle. The mirror (from a past Half Scale Group swap) was a perfect color to use here. Only the tub and maybe the sink will show once you peek inside the doorway but I still have to make it all look right. (Sliding door, previous MiniEtchers stock.)

 The light on the left wall was made using some small glass tube containers I found at Hobby Lobby some time back that look like medieval lights. They have a cap and are held together with a pin but I only needed the bottom piece and tube for this.  This is the small one; there also are larger ones about 1" or so tall.

Bedrooms: The doors in the hall open into the bedrooms. I added brick-papered walls on each side of the center fireplace in each room to divide the rooms. 

Bedroom 1: I found this dragon print paper a while ago and luckily I even found where I'd stashed it. haa! For variety, I'm going to add pieces of trim around the ceiling painted a light blue to match the paper. (Found that in the stash, too, and the color happened to match!)  I put up simple lace valances for now, but will make long pleated curtains on the sides once I decide on the fabric since this room seems to need fancier curtains. I have a padded bed that will fit in front of the windows. It was handmade of foam core that I found among some sale items. I took it apart so I could remake it to match. More on that once I work on it. I really like how this room turned out so far.

Bedroom 2: While the house isn't creepy, I still want to use Halloween decorations and decor here and there. I really liked this scrapbook paper and still want to add some weird circus sideshow art and circus zombies as a theme for the girl's room. Kind of a Wednesday Addams  girl, I think. ha! Maybe I'll dress a half-scale doll or some kind of figure with that idea in mind. That's a thought... The third floor bedroom with the stars theme will be a boy's room, which will be a first as I always seem to do girl rooms. 

Well, that's it for now. I'll have more photos once I get other things finished! 

NOTE: Ooh, I just bought several pieces of vintage 1920s Tootsietoy half-scale pieces on sale, plus the round windows. Love when I find these at a good price as often they're priced so high and out of reach. So I'll have more to add to the house! 

* Check out this interesting vintage ad and history on Tootsietoy pieces. I got a single metal bed (not shown) and the chest/dresser above which I hope will work in the girl's bedroom. I'll probably do some sprucing up since they're painted anyway. It's fun mixing the vintage items in with other stuff. That gold table may work in the dining room. We'll see. Fun stuff!

Thanks again for visiting! I'm also planning a short Halloween in Miniature event and may do more photo Halloween posts next month so keep that in mind! Stop back soon!