October 03, 2022

#Fairfield #Dollhouse Uh-oh. Chhhhanges!

 Time for a good laugh. You'll like this one.

So I was making progress. Besides the last update - and the changes. I was getting ready to do the top porch and glue the posts on the first floor porch. Then the contractor (yours truly) fixed a flaw in the kitchen floor (and might still have to do another patch) and glued the bottom kitchen bay window section on (see above). I also got that side's brick done. The brick and trim still have to be added onto the bay.  (sorry for the crooked photo.)

Kitchen inside: the shades look nice, don't they?

Glad that's done. The bay's all trimmed inside, but.... Wait a minute. What happened to the door moldings and baseboard pieces?


The homeowner, you see, started testing how things would look and while the thought had come to her before, she wondered.... why do I need a second door in front? That wall would surely add much-needed space to the kitchen... And it would also give me more decorating space on the porch...

Door into kitchen at left; main door opening into hall at right.

Above: The door to the kitchen (right) and main front door (in hall left with staircase,) leading into kitchen. The back of the staircase is in the kitchen. See what I mean? What a waste of space!


This happened. Haaaa! 

Added NOTE: Even funnier, someone mentioned they'd done that to their house and others did too. I looked at a lot of photos early on and just didn't notice it! haaa!

Honestly, I think this wall is cursed. (Maybe I should've made it into a haunted house! haa!) I redid it twice when I shorted out the light and moved a new light to the other wall. I got the wall sided (again) and the door in, but the kitchen layout still bugged me. Lesson here: figure this stuff out in the building stage, not later (like me.)

So... I had put the trim in the kitchen and thought I'd glued the door in and realized I hadn't. Lucky for me as the door popped right out. The trim all came off easy, too. While the exterior siding was glued good enough not to fall off, I had to dig a bit but finally got it off. 

Fortunately this isn't a major fix. I'll redo the siding (third times a charm!) and then redo the inside wall. The problem is I may not have more of the orange floral paper but I think the brick will look good here instead. And since the wall is bricked outside on top, it'll seem like the homeowner sided over it on the bottom outside but left it as is on the inside. Problem solved! 

And yeah the light probably would look better on the new wall (in the original space!) Never mind. I'll put a wall plant holder or something on that side. I kind of like that idea. Maybe make a cozy reading space...

Then I can finish that porch. Really. I will try not to find anything else that bugs me. haa!

Until next time.... Thanks for visiting!