October 29, 2021

#Halloween in #Miniature 2021 3, Shop Till You Drop!

 Welcome to Day 3 of Halloween in Miniature! 

* Start at Day 1 and get some snacks. (Don't forget to enter giveaway on Day 2; see below!)


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Are you enjoying yourself? Have you had enough to eat? I hope so...

For a "treat," I thought you might like to stop in our lovely Halloween Store. No, I'm not pushing you to buy anything, but I'm sure there'll be a few things "to die for," right?

Halloween Store by Christine Verstraete

There's nothing more fun, I think, then working on a themed project. As I have several of the Houseworks' Street of Shops kits, I had the idea to make them in matching Halloween colors of different shades of purple, lavender and orange.

Even my miniature record store is the same color range though the door there is a hot pink and the decor has more of a '60s  vibe. (Hey, ghouls like music, too! ha!) Here's the front of "The Broken Record" record store in all its tacky glory. 😈

I'll share other photos later.

I'm hoping to make one more store I've had in mind for a while, a Witch's Bakery. Maybe that will be open for next year's event (at the rate I work these days. ha!) (Click photos for full size)

So, welcome to The Halloween Store!

 I loved doing this project as I tried to be as bright and colorful as possible. The outside top decorations are dimensional stickers. The backgrounds are scrapbook papers. The second pumpkin rests on top one of those cheapie pumpkin lights as it can be turned on and off as needed.

The wreath includes colored plastic bones and a skull from a Dollar Tree necklace and some of that fuzzy yarn. 

The Apothecary was made in a wood case holding wood snowflakes. The signs were in a Ken Holtz package of signs. The top square jars are made by covering foam "beads" and topping with paper and metal paper fasteners. Handmade mums are planted in a hollowed-out foam pumpkin. Gotta have a Halloween tree, too, of course (The bones are from a Halloween necklace.) The back row large hats are made by the fab Katherine Hazelton (Kat the Hat) of England. The feathered hat is from my Dutch friend Kitty.  I made the other items.

 The walls are scrapbook paper. The coffin shelf is filled with Stephen King books - of course! The teapots (except end pumpkin) are made by my Dutch friend, Kitty.

The other wall features Halloween "groceries" and books. The light string (from Target) has  potion bottle shapes. There also are snacks on a table by the front window (not shown.)

Speaking of snacks... Hungry? Let's stop for something to eat before we move on. Oh... well, you may not like these but one of the monsters will! (These are really well done! From KatieAnneCraftsEtsy)