October 19, 2021

In a Halloween Mood #dollhouse #miniatures


Yes, I've been quiet. Busy, but quiet, so thought I'd do a little post before the BIG EVENT.

What's that? Well... HALLOWEEN IN MINIATURE is Coming! OCT. 27-31.... (Duh I had Dec. in there! Grr!) and I've got a surprise (I think!) Yes, I have been trying my best to get my book, IN MINIATURE STYLE: HALLOWEEN ready! It's in the works, it's just the layout stuff that is putting me behind... But I think you'll like it!

No, the pic isn't wonky; just took it on an angle. The bottom and tops were painted gold. That pattern on the bottom is repeated in inserts for the sides, too.

The half-scale Halloween dollhouse is, well, coming along very slowly. I get put off on something and set it aside, then go back to it. So, in the meantime, I did get this Gothic table and bookcase kit (above) from SDK Miniatures done. The shelves need books, of course and some spider webbing. But I loved that kit the first time I saw it some moons ago. I have another double one, too... in case she ever stops making them! ha! And I'll likely buy a few more if I see her at a show again. You know how things disappear at some point or they stop making them.  I also have a single bookcase and the gothic chairs to do. I've been thinking of doing a library in a book box and the whole set would look cool for that. Yeah, I needed another project! It's such a great looking set! She has a gothic desk, too, and a regular bookcase:

Just finally finished the two staircases so far in the Halloween house. I did some adapting on the first floor set with the blue paper as it wouldn't fit right. The bonus is that once it's all together, I left a small hole in the back on the bottom of the wall behind the stairs for a surprise. So sometimes goofs have good results! Couldn't resist using this odd cat-Halloween print for the second floor walls. Most of the walls will be regular paper, though. I want to make it kind of run-down in spots and not too bright Halloweenish. We'll see how it goes. 

Still need to finish, add the railings, add more black paint (and cover that hole in the wall... or... maybe I'll expand it a bit...). I know, not too exciting, but that's how it goes in building houses. 

So, that's it for the moment. Come back soon for Halloween fun, giveaways and more!