October 27, 2011

Day 8: Halloween in Miniature 2011 - The Witch's Greenhouse

Welcome to Day 8 of the 12 Days of Halloween in Miniature! (** Don't forget to check in at Day 1.)

Whew, that walk was a bit harrowing, so let's take a little detour. Don your best new chapeau a la Tim Burton, and let's make one more stop. (Hats by Kat Hazelton, see her Kat the Hat Lady blog.)

They say plants do much more than clean the air. (Plants in window by me; Mother-in-law's Tongue plant by Marie's Minis.)

So what's better than a whole greenhouse full?

We all know the benefit of working in the garden. Well Gertie got herself a job! (Doll painted by Dana of Miniature Art (check out her free MiniDollList - and the dressed skellie contest!) - I added more color and dressed her, see original pic).

To make up for all her summer garage saling, Gertie's now donned an apron and is working at the Witch's Greenhouse. Since I finally got the project done, thought I'd show you around. (See early pix and outside.) It was fun making all the plants; I actually have more still not on display!

The owner Witch Wanda (doll by Detta's Darling Dolls) is actually a kindly soul and is glad to have someone around who shares her love of growing things, even if, uh, well, some of the plants are a bit on the strange side. Project is in one of the Houseworks Street of Shops.

Watch where you're working. some of the plants may bite, and be sure not to step on Fang - (no, best not to ask what's in that dish of food!) (skellie dog by Marie's Minis - Check out her Darkside Manor!).)

(The greenhouse stones outside and the floor inside are made from painted egg cartons.)

** Come back tomorrow for more of the tour!

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Tarnished Rose said...

Love the latest installment. Those hats you have are just too good. I'm going to have to look her up.


Cynthia Taylor said...

Watching my step as I pass Fang...love the greenhouse and the dolls are awesome. Thanks!

NarinaNäpertää said...

I just LOOVE Kat's hats - they always so fab ^^

The Witch's Greenhouse is AWESOME! The plants are very "cool" :0)

LOVE it!!

MiniHUgs, Irina